Did you know?... Mussolini dodged the Italian draft.
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Widney - Funny Audio

This cracks me up every time I hear it.

File: widney.mp3

Taco Bell Prank Call1 - Funny Audio

What the hell kind of questions are these?

File: Taco_Bell_Prank_Call1.mp3

Target2 - Funny Audio

Hey, we're flat broke! Why not make the best of it?

File: target2.mp3

Sunpapers - Funny Audio

Telemarketers rarely call us back.

File: sunpapers.mp3

Polly - Funny Audio

A very pissed off passenger who lost his bag.

File: Polly.mp3

Spicybold - Funny Audio

That was a good dog...

File: spicybold.mp3

Pickles - Funny Audio

Frank's pickel barrel ass.

File: pickles.mp3

Omalleychili - Funny Audio

Really fucking hot chili.

File: omalleychili.mp3

Oj - Funny Audio

Looky looky here. (god damn, this is racist)

File: oj.mp3

Nytimes - Funny Audio

She just wanted to sell us a newspaper subscription.

File: nytimes.mp3
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