Did you know?... Farmers in England are required by law to provide their pigs with toys!
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Buttplugs - Funny Audio

Buttplugs. This is from Opie and Anthony.

File: Buttplugs.mp3

Brittishtelcom - Funny Audio

The British are so polite, even under this kind of pressure.

File: brittishtelcom.mp3

Bigblackguynamedben1 - Funny Audio

Step away from the car, motherfucker.

File: BigBlackGuyNamedBen1.mp3

Att3 - Funny Audio

She just wanted to sell us a cell phone.

File: att3.mp3

Hebrewmuppets - Funny Audio

Hebrew Muppets. Shalom!

File: HebrewMuppets.mp3

Towturdyardcomplaint - Funny Audio

Somebody leff a turd in my back seat.

File: TowturdYardComplaint.mp3

Operationivy 08 Vunerability - Cool Audio

You should listen to this very carefully.

File: OperationIvy_08_Vunerability.mp3

Fullblownaids - Funny Audio

This is a little song about my faggott roommate, Chris.

File: FullBlownAids.mp3

Blackmail - Funny Audio

This is hysterical. The same guy as in NewSaigon.mp3

File: blackmail.mp3

Newsaigon - Funny Audio

We petition to rename your town, New Saigon.

File: NewSaigon.mp3
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