Did you know?... The volume of the Earth's moon is the same as the volume of the Pacific Ocean.
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Kerpal2 - Funny Audio

More from Kerpal.

File: kerpal2.mp3

Kerpal - Funny Audio

You kick my dog!

File: kerpal.mp3

Armageddon - Funny Audio

It's a sad day when you find out what your last name really means.

File: armageddon.mp3

Delta - Funny Audio

You fixin to raise up and get your travel on?

File: delta.mp3

Ebonics1 - Funny Audio

Ebonics 101.

File: ebonics1.mp3

Barney - Funny Audio

Barney gets shot.

File: barney.mp3

Bobbyknight - Funny Audio

Bobby Knight goes apeshit.

File: BobbyKnight.mp3

Psychogirlfriend - Funny Audio

She's crazy... She's crazy not...

File: psychogirlfriend.mp3

Lindamcartney - Funny Audio

What do vegetarian worms eat?

File: LindaMcartney.mp3

Samueljacksonvssgthartman - Funny Audio

Samuel L. Jackson VS Sergent Hartman.

File: samueljacksonvssgthartman.mp3
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