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Packinpilot - Funny Audio

I love it when they tell me how fast we're going and all of that, but this is just a little too much.

File: packinPilot.mp3

Munchkins - Funny Audio

Munchkins prank phone call.

File: munchkins.mp3

Misscleo29373 - Funny Audio

Miss Cleo prank call.

File: misscleo29373.mp3

Punjabipower - Funny Audio

This might be the most difficult interview anyone has had to do.

File: punjabiPower.mp3

Pinklytaurus - Funny Audio

Hard to find, but worth the effort.

File: PinklyTaurus.mp3

Britneyinterview - Funny Audio

I'm telling you. I give it another year before she's doing porn.

File: BritneyInterview.mp3

Binladenrap - Funny Audio

The newest BinLaden tape is released.

File: BinLadenRap.mp3

Uncool - Funny Audio

Like I can get any less cool. Thanks for the tips though.

File: uncool.mp3

Davechapelle Sesamestreet - Funny Audio

Can you tell me how to get...?

File: DaveChapelle_SesameStreet.mp3

Cletus - Funny Audio

Fox's new reality show?

File: cletus.wav
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