Did you know?... Sound travels fifteen times faster through steel than through air.
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Pamphlet - Funny Flash

Print it. Dostribute it. Live it.

File: PamPhlet.doc

Print Bob Dobbs - Cool Flash

Print this out and paper your house with it.

File: Print_Bob_Dobbs.pdf

Kfc Cookbook - Cool Flash

Colnel Sandeers' not-so Secret Recipe. I wonder if this is real.

File: KFC_Cookbook.pdf

Coal Train - Weird Flash

Power Point presentation of a coal train fire.

File: coal train.pps

Superpilot - Game Flash

Super Pilot.

File: superpilot.swf

Modernwarfare - Game Flash

In the future, all wars will be fought in Internet chat rooms.

File: modernwarfare.swf

Walker - Weird Flash

Flash walker. Excellent time waster.

File: walker.swf

Mindreader - Weird Flash

The amazing Internet mind reader.

File: mindreader.swf

Digininja - Game Flash

Digi Ninja

File: digininja.swf

Babs - Funny Flash

Babs' trash talker.

File: babs.swf
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