Did you know?... Heineken beer is designed to 'foam' for exactly five minutes.
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20427 My Html - Funny Flash

See anyone you know?

File: 20427_my_html.swf

Molsontwinadfinal - Funny Flash

Because of this, the next beer I buy will be Molson. This is how Miller got me too, with those "Macro-Brew" commercials. This is really funny.

File: MolsonTwinAdfinal.swf

Dontstopbelievin - Funny Flash

Journey's tribute to America. Don't watch this if you're borderline gay because it will push you right over the edge.

File: dontstopbelievin.swf

Time2 - Funny Flash

What time is it, kids?!

File: time2.swf

Tymr - Funny Flash

Happy Muvva's Day, sucka.

File: tymr.swf

Focus - Funny Flash

Optical Illusion

File: Focus.swf

Kikia - Funny Flash

What a beautiful story, even if you can't read..Chinese?

File: kikia.swf

Bumtest - Game Flash

I guess "bum" means something differnt to the British. I was expecting to see a bunch of homeless guys.

File: BumTest.xls

Fugly Epilepsy - Funny Flash


File: fugly_epilepsy.swf

Brain - Cool Flash

Brainworks Self Assessment Test

File: BRAIN.exe
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