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Trailer-Park Wars

THE TRUTH (according to Leo)

I got me da real evadenc I don`t like what dem damn zgeeks done to me so I want to tell you all da truff. I am da real trailerparkgregg and a amercan not no austrialain. Peolp want to mak mony off my hard work and put banners on der pages I only put joke banners on mine. I will be talkign about their evadnc
Here my challenge to you if you would like to prove that TONYs right "he said on the radio he made the site in 5mins on netscape" lets see how long it takes you.

So I want you to time yourself making 7 different pic pages (that's the total pages on Tonys site) with text describing each pic making them funny, oh yea include opening the pages fugly.com, fugly.net, uglypeople.com (because that's where they came from look at the sites). Also I`m not just saying open the index page but open all of the pics and let then download 105 full size images that 15 (images per page) on 7 pages comes to 105 total pics. I hope you have a T1, but TONY uses h154.unit21.ozemail.com.au a 56k modem ISP the size of 105 full size pics are about 10mbs (how do I know I have them all) 10mbs on a 56k modem is about 1 hour and half. Guess what when you download those pics you need to crop them for you website and edit a few of them do to nudity in them also you need to encode them down so that people with small bandwith can see them. Don`t forget once you finish the website you have to upload all the images and html pages thats about 5mbs after the encoding them down to size. So what that's another 45mins on a 56k modem? Ok now once you do all this and don`t forget you need to register a geocities account and also a welcome.to address at www.v3.com Now once you can do all of this in 5mins I will kiss your ass and say TONY rules!! Intil you can do what he said he did in 5mins its imposable and you are a fool for believing it.

The truth is, he's right. It really would take longer than 5 minutes to do all of this. Leo is absolutely correct in his time estimate of the exact process of downloading someone else's entire site with the intent to steal it.

1. day said "counter can be accessed at http://s2.thecounter.com/counter/1024436.vmain This shows my start date for the counter, last time modified, and what the counter was started at. This cannot be faked." I got me one at thecounter.com and you can change it see mine says 30millian and it only opened yesterday. So who BSing that it can`t be changed? Heres mine I made: (Counter omitted)

On da bottom of da bottom of his countr stats page you will see: www.zgeek.com dat is because da counter is usad on all his pages and not fo justa his trailerpark page. Here is da proof look at his "source code for www.zgeek.com"

(Click here for full size image)

you will notice its da same one he got on da trailerpark page. Why does he got it on there to make his sites look like they get a whole bunch of hits wheel people are only surfin his links.? So he needs to change his lies and say dat its not for da real trailerparkpage and dat he real don`t got no 3millian from just mytrailerpark he gets that from many many pages.

This is not true. Although the counter on zgeek.com has the counter ID: 1023792, the counter on Tony's Trailer Park Page is number 1024436. Any moron could see that. It is possible to change the count, but not the creation date of the counter.

2. He says dat "he got a picture of me if dats realy a pictur of him why is it so edited and der is only one pic where are da rest? Anyoen can say dat they got a pic of dem on dat sit and if dats realy him whys he look like a gurl tryin to stay out of da heat? I der him to post more "real self pics" up if its real he should have many poses of dat one and what abotu the pepl dat are in da backgrond dat look like its a "croped" pic where is da whole pic wiff da people in da backgrond? If you want evadenc page show me it. He also says dat he got it on his proffal at zgeek but in da zgeek he says he liks to drive dis picutr is of a little boy, hes to young to drive. He also says "Pretty old, but still sexy (photo is altered so I dont look too sexy)" Dat is a little boy maybe 10 years and as you see him say da pictur is edited so show us da undedited one then? Also on my 2nd page I pic on this person saying "I got a new friend ! he wasnt so to give me stuff... like a pearl necklace! that gewels! thats like for girls!.. nancy pants!" why would he call himself a quewr? Is he hiddin somefin? He must only like boys if he realy mad dat page and dats his pic.

The truth is that this photo is actually of Tony. Not only did he send us the original, undoctored photograph, but two others of himself. One from that same day, wearing the same hat with the same lei around his neck. Here they are:

PIC1 - PIC2 - PIC3

3. he also done said dat "Most of the photos that are on the site have been sent in by specific people. These people are in contact with me and are ready to back me up." I seen all dem pepls on fugly.com fugly.net and many oder sits so yuo goign lie and say dat dey ripped you off too? Isn`t all dis on his evadenc page? I mean if he got evadnc of peopl saying he day ar ready to back up dats der pics ask dem to send you another pic and put it next to da one from my page? Cause peopl dont just got on pic of dem self dey got many lik I do on my new self puicturs page.

The truth is,
several people sent email to tell us that the photos on Tony's page were of themselves and that they only sent them to Tony. This person, LauraLee, "Bug", sent us a video clip of herself and several more photos. Here they are:


PIC1 - PIC2 - PIC3 - PIC4 - PIC5 - PIC6 - PIC7 - PIC8

4. Every body knows dat Trailerparkgreggs site started on http://http://www.carriecox.com/ as a joke page and not on a v3 address the v3 address was added much lader infact we got 5 other ways to get to da site like http://www.tptrash.com/  and  http://www.geocites.com/mytrailerpark  so what does a email from v3 prove? Dat he got a forwordign address 1st? So we got http://www.carriecox.com/ 1 year before his v3 address. I got me some real domains not just a v3 url unlike that TONY guy.

The truth is, www.carriecox.com was registered on Jan 26, 2000. We have received email from one person who claims to have seen Tony's trailerpark page at the same time that carriecox.com was a porn site. We are not able to confirm this.
We have also received email from a woman who claims to be the actual Carrie Cox. We will be posting the information that we get from her Monday in "Our Evidence" section.

5. Look at the links thats the real proof we got many pags dat mak you laff he only got a few and da last one #4 tis stupid tis nothin like da reast. Because I didn`t make it he tried to mak a funny one and it suckd.

This is really a matter of opinion. We think that Tony's site is a lot funnier than Leo's. The parts that aren't indentical, that is.

6. On his about us page it said his name is "Tony B (aka, Pirate)" does anyone know what a internet pirate does? Doesn`t he rip off other peols stuff? I, I, matey !! Why would your nickname be pirate and not TrailerParkGregg? His own nickname is da proof!!!

This is completely irrelevant.

7. Why ask why? and Why is everyone so serious abotu a joke page? This guy has turned http://www.zgeek.com/ into a agaist Leo page and the funny thing is that Leo did very little of the work. I da real trailerparkgregg (gregg rogers) did most of da work wiff help from odder webmasters. 

Leo was the first one to contact us about the Trailerpark page. Here is the original email that started all of this. We also received this email from a Gregg Rogers, and it is signed "Mark".

8. Special thanks to Fugly.com for helping "US" after we emailed him. Mr.Pirate didn`t email him for help we did, this says a lot. 

Mr. Pirate (Tony) didn't email us for help at all, Leo did. Tony claims that our initial email to him was the first he'd ever heard of Leo. We don't know what to make of the emphasis on the word "US". We're not sure if that is a reference to the United States, or some attempt at implying that we are somehow afiliated with Leo's site. We are not.

9. Look at the banners on the sites whos making money of da idea Mr.Pirate or us that have linked it to stupid adds that our webmasters made up. 

The tuth is, we have no idea if either of them are making money from their banners. The only way that this is even relevant to the situation is as a motive for one to steal the other's site.

10. also look at the html you will notice on both that their are "smiplets" of html soem with CAPS some without some with lower and higher case and some without. My point is if he made dat site why does da style change so much? On ours its because we used a group of webmasters and diffrent html pages.

The truth is, we don't know what the hell a "smiplet" is. How the hell are we supposed to comment on this? Is this even English?

11. On his front page of his trailerparkpage he said "!!.. if I have stole my page, would I have reely put so much work into ma HTML" on the radio station that all your sites fans listened too you said "I made it in 5mins with netscape"?? How is "5mins" "much work" ??? It takes about 5mins to copy my page paste it to a html file then upload it. You can`t make a page like this is 5mins, even know it looks simple it was a well thought out page. Its made to look messed up and have bad typin on purpus its not easy speakin trailerparkgregg. Look at his page it has over 2,000 words how do you type 2,000 words in 5mins and edit images as well as add links and insert the html? I smell BS Mr.Pirate please go steal someoen else shit.

The truth is, that this is redundant. We already covered this in the first section.

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