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From: Gregg Rogers [trailerparkgregg@hotmail.com]
To: fugly.com
Sent: Wed 07/12/2000 12:47 AM
Subject: did you notice this about his counter?


Look at his source code you will also notice the link he has to the counter says http://www.zgeek.com at the bottom this is because it was made for zgeek.com and not the trailerparkpage. So for a man that claims trailerparkgregg's site got 3million hits he's full of shit and also I got the same counter from www.thecounter.com and made it say 30,000,000 just to show everyone how easy it is to change a counter, you can view this at http://go.to/mytrailerpark .

The pic of his source code with the same account # (attachment)


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