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From: Leo Daniels [webmaster@leorules.com]
To: feedback@fugly.com
Sent: Sun 07/02/2000 05:57 PM
Subject: How much will it cost me?


To whom it may concern,
I'm sure you get a ton of stupid idiotic emails, but I assure you this one is legit! Myself, my brother and my best friend started a website called "My Trailer Park" ahile back. The story behind the story is this; I use to have an adult site that i did for my ex-girlfriend. the address was www.carriecox.com anyways, we split up and she wanted her site pulled. I thought about it and even though the site was making money i pulled it, BUT, i wanted to get some sort of revenge, so that's when my friend and i came up with the idea for the trailer park site. You see, she makes over $1,000/week but still lives in a 2 bedroom trailer, something i could never figure out why. Strippers, go figgure! My friend Mark and I made the trailer park site and it has really took off! So well that others are claiming the site as thier own and some even ripping off word for word! My official domain for the site is: www.TPTrash.com it all starts from www.carriecox.com

Well, finally onto the point of this email. I got most of the pics from your site. I actually wanted to give you credit for the pics, but at 1st I wanted people to think the site was actually real and a lot did. Well now that is obviously a joke, I'd like to not only give your site proper credit, but i was wondering how much it would cost me to BUY the rights to use the pics from your site. What I'd like to do is use the pics with your permission and give your site credit, then we together could get the bogus rip-off sites taken down because they didn't pay you. YOU would then make money from those that would like to pay you, or that you could sue. I don't really care about making money, i just want a better angle to get the bogus copycat sites taken down. Please let me know your thoughts and if this is feasable or not.

Thanks, Leo Daniels 1-800-274-2863

Hi. I just checked out your site. The only picture I can see that you took from our site is your cover pic. Where is the rest of the site? Can you give me a list of these other sites that are copying yours and claiming it is theirs.
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