Did you know?... If it isn't moving a frog can't see it. If the frog can't see it, he won't eat it.
From: Leo Daniels [webmaster@leorules.com]
To: fugly.com
Sent: Tue 07/11/2000 05:50 AM
Subject: more trailer shit LOL


Damn man it seems Tony the Pirate tiger is at it again. He seems to copy whatever WE put on OUR site! Damn, does it ever cease? Anyways look at our site http://go.to/mytrailerpark and look at the evidence link we added LOL Also I'm contacting his host for his site www.zgeek.com and getting it shut down, he's gone way beyond herassment! I'm also having my lawyers that I have on retainer contact his site admistrator. I think this guy didn't take his retlin! Talk to you soon,
PS they can rip me apart all they want, i never said i was a professional webmaster, hell my personal site is just that, a personal website, NOT professional at all, never claimed it to be.

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