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From: trailerparkboy [mytrailerpark@hotmail.com]
To: Fugly; Vengeful Angel; leo
Sent: Wed 07/12/2000 12:34 AM
Subject: Re: Support


Thanks for the Email,
I rarely answer these because we get so many, but I figured hey got to give you a little feedback. Anyway my name is Mark I`m one of the webmasters that made and help runs the TrailerParkGregg site. When we 1st made the page we had no idea that a stupid prank would turn out so big. We originally created the page because we had some problems with a girlfriend of Leos, CarrieCox. Her page was at http://www.carriecox.com we where just trying to send her on a dream date with the ugliest fucker around Gregg. So we did from there the page grew and grew, honestly we even made FAKE advertisements (check them out they are funny) because we are not looking to make a million $$$ of the site.

We are just a bunch of webmasters from various domains and companies that decided to make a little crappy page that would be funnier then the most complex webpages. I myself own Kewl Art Works a web design company that servers many of the locals from Wilmington NC. The page has been copyrighted by my company as well as many of the other companies as of last year, but we never put a copyright on the page because it was a joke. Well Tony aka "Pirate" (interesting name doesn't it mean to rip off?) from zgeek.com desided once he saw us on a few ICQs he would pirate the page and use it to get his website zgeek.com some hits. You will notice that the counter he uses isn't on just on the trailerparkpage but is on zgeek.com which gets way more hits then the his trailerparkpage.

Look at his source code you will also notice the link he has to the counter says http://www.zgeek.com at the bottom this is because it was made for zgeek.com and not the trailerparkpage. So for a man that claims trailerparkgregg's site got 3million hits he's full of shit and also I got the same counter from www.thecounter.com and made it say 30,000,000 just to show everyone how easy it is to change a counter, you can view this at http://go.to/mytrailerpark . Now he's claming that the pic on the 2nd index page is him, if so he would have a few other poses of the exact same person I dare him to try to show proof of this. The picture was doctored up in the 1st place those aren't normal colors.

Well I hope you are a opened minded person and hey really if you think about it, as long as you go to mine or his page you give us more hits, and isn't that what being a webmaster is about? Also Fugly.com got in for the ride and see the more people "rant and rave" the more all the trailerparks will get hits. Honestly you don`t have to believe either site is real because honestly both of the sites pics where taken from sites like Fugly.com, so I guess that makes us all unoriginal bastards?

Last little thing I would like to say is that really we get NOTHING for people looking at our site because the banners on it are fake and put to sites we made. What about Mr.Pirate?!? He's got banners to make money of the site lets be for real he's only doing this to make money of our work?

Thanks Again,
Mark Leatherman

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