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From: LauraleeBug@aol.com
To: 'trailerparkwars@fugly.com'
Sent: Tue 07/11/2000 05:03 AM
Subject: To further prove that Leo is a phony


I tried to sign his guest book, but he must have gotten wind of my name; and it won't accept my entry asking him where MY picture is, and asking where his other 2 sites were originally located.... That's not even the same damn guestbook!! Here's a copy of an entry into the Real Trailer Park's guestbook by me:

Subj: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/25/00 5:37:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com

Hey Greggy,

I feel honored that you used one of my mockup pictures, but how come you didn't email me to let me know??

Anyway, keep up the good work, your shit is definetly the funniest thing going.

Lauralee "Bug"

Subj: Re: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/25/00 5:56:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com (Gregg me)

I though I did!.. sorry :)

Thanks for he picture :)

Subj: Re: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/26/00
To: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com

No problem, "Cuz" - hey! It wasn't easy to look that bad - I had to put grease in my hair and find an empty liquor bottle on the street! But, thanx - I had fun!!

Lauralee Bug

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