Did you know?... Heineken beer is designed to 'foam' for exactly five minutes.
From: LauraleeBug@aol.com
To: 'trailerparkwars@fugly.com'
Sent: Tue 07/11/2000 04:46 AM


Dear Fuglies:

I have the proof right here! I keep all my emails, here is the one when I was originally put into trailer park:

Subj: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/25/00 5:37:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com

Hey Greggy,

I feel honored that you used one of my mockup pictures, but how come you didn't email me to let me know??

Anyway, keep up the good work, your shit is definetly the funniest thing going.

Lauralee "Bug"

Subj: Re: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/25/00 5:56:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com (Gregg me)

I though I did!.. sorry :)
Thanks for he picture :)

Subj: Re: It's cousin Denise!
Date: 5/26/00
To: trailerparkpage@hotmail.com

No problem, "Cuz" - hey! It wasn't easy to look that bad - I had to put grease in my hair and find an empty liquor bottle on the street! But, thanx - I had fun!!

Lauralee Bug

And here is my Original submission to Greggy/Tony which included the pictures; which he now has back in his steamy little hands, so fuck off Leo!

Subj: Hey cuz!
Date: 5/5/00
To: iliketrucks80@hotmail.com
CC: Lawnweed1, Who110, Envyvenus2000
File: Cousin Bug.ZIP

Hey you!

It's me, Cousin Bug from the city. I figures you want some pitchers since you ain't seen me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. But, to tell ya the truth, I haven't grown much since then, they say it's the water here... mebbe the electrons, I don't know, but it's okay to be a "bug" - suits me fine, I gets all the food on the floor ahead of the dog! I also got long pretty 'tennas but you can't see 'em cause their under my hat.

Also, I got a pitcher of my family. My husband, Fred is a frog. I gotta always be worried about him eating baby Ladybug... I thought if I kissed him he'd turn out to be a prince but he ain't changed yet - "Fred! Stop bothering the Baby!!" - aw, shit - there he goes again.... damn!

You know I almost got throwed out the family for not marrying in the family, but we comes from damn prejuicdicial peoples, i'll tell you. When they found out I was in an inter-species relationship my mom & my aunt (same lady) went out on a tear & brung me home Georgie here. (Even though momma (auntie) married a bug, she said you can't trust them damn frogs (I figures she just didn't want me to marry a french guy!) and like I said, I got this attention problem here - so I fergot what I was saying). I get confused sometimes. Did you see that? No? Ok, nebber mind....

So, since Fred & me ain't got alot in common, I got this new friend, Georgie - - he always knows how to make me laugh... LMAO! (Sorry - Georgie just told me anuther one!) Don't show the pitcher of us having oral sex - ok - that's just fer you!

Ok, see ya round...
Cousin Bug

Subj: Oh, yeah - here
Date: 5/5/00
To: iliketrucks80@hotmail.com
File: redneck.bmp

I ferget yer birthday persent.

It's a computer machine... hope its' nice, i got it at a garage sale... (damn fools call it a garage sale, and I needed me a garage, but I get there and they won't lemme take it, and it ain't even got wheels!) -
oh well........

I also sent a letter to "Lurleen" too, and had frequent entries in both guestbooks at that time from myself, and LurkinLurch@aol.com

Subj: hey lurleen!
Date: 5/5/00
To: iliketruckstoo800@hotmail.com
CC: Lawnweed1, Who110, Envyvenus2000
File: Bug Home1.ZIP

It's cousin Bug here. I wanna show you some pitchers of our home. Taint as fanci as yous but we got lottsa room and stuff.

We don't got no wheels on the trailer yet, i donno if i wanna get that first, or a roof to kep out the insects from the kids... gotta save summore money anyway - we got plenntya crumbs to eat, the kids like crumbs, you know (theys bugs too, just like ther mom, me...)

see ya later, ok?
Tony now has possession of both sets of those original pictures....


Truth & Ugliness for All, Lauralee "Bug"

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