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From: Leo Daniels [webmaster@leorules.com]
To: info@fugly.com
Sent: Mon 07/10/2000 01:29 PM
Subject: Re: info on the real trailerpark page


All I can say is this; I had an adult site for my girl. We went to wcw nitro back in March. Shortly thereafter we broke up. I got together with my friend Mark aka Wartoyz and we made the trailer park site. #1 to get back at her for cheating on me and #2 because she actually lives in a trailer park in Sneads ferry NC I just changed the name to Sneads Mayberry due to the fact that people are familiar with Mayberry because of the Andy Griffith show. It was all a joke to get back at her. Well by the end of April we were getting so many emails we started adding more to the site. Also we did the dreamcast chat friends to get back at the IRCops and Admins at seganet. You see I was the very 1st IRCop at sega and I flew one of the admin and his GF to visit here in Wilmington NC. I paid for thier tickets and thier hotel stay. While they were here, Sean Doidge aka Wookie ask me to do him a favor. He asked me to purchase an engagement ring for him and he promised to pay me back. To make a long story short her NEVER paid me a dime and I started asking him to just send me whatever he could, he ignored me and that pissed me off. I started letting everyone know what a liar and cheat he was and let everyone know he owed me money, so he klined myself and Mark because mark is on the same ISP as me as are over 5,000 other users. So that's when we started to add the dreamcast stuff in there. Come Memorial day, I was working on the site while at work on my laptop.(I run a motel at Wrightsville Beach NC) A few guys came in while I was editing the site and saw the page as I refreshed it. They said they had seen that site via an email from a friend. I let them in on the story and they then passed out the address via emails. the only way my site has been getting response is through emails. I never spammed it and I never got on a national radio station. Last month is when I was notified that a guy from zgeek.com was claiming the site as his. He's from Austrailia and HE'S getting all the credit and hits. I mean come on, anyone can look at his site then look at mine and see that i have a storyline going on here and that the additions he has added that weren't ripped from my site are nowhere near as good and his last additon page 4 newester pathetically sux! If I were on a national radio station and on thier website then I guess those that didn't know the story behind the story would think that too. I mean damn, I came to YOU, he didn't, hell he didn't even give your site any credit until YOU contacted HIM! He use to have a smallass link that said www.fugly.NET he changed the end to .COM only after you contacted him. I wished that my site had got the national attention that his got then MY site would be getting all the people to send emails. Also his site www.zgeek.com is telling everyone to bomb our email account with ASSHOLE! Hell those people don't even know the whole story!
OK I've rambled on enough and I'm sure you're tired of all the bullshit. I thank you for your time,

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