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From: Leo Daniels [webmaster@leorules.com]
To: info@fugly.com
Sent: Mon 07/10/2000 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: info on the real trailerpark page


Well I have some news for you! the guy from Austrailia that got famous from the radio show came onto my chat server last night. I had an interesting convo with him. He admitted to not only copying, but also told me that his newest links weren't even made by him! He's even linking another page "Rod" that someone else has done and adding it to his site. I saw it for the 1st time last night. So he's not even doing his own work, yet he gives no one else credit! Also fugly.com never got any credit til you contacted him! Also:
(warToyz) I was mass spammed ICQ and email
(warToyz) you should get a copy of the email
(warToyz) I`m also gettign hundreds of emails from tonys little friends
(warToyz) they are flooding the shit out of my hotmail account
(warToyz) they all say "asshole" and that tony told them to say it
(warToyz) and they keep calling me Leo
If "I" was on a national Radio show then I would have plenty of sources saying that I was the original site also! Hell he even ripped off my front page from http://go.to/mytrailerpark !!!!! On his site he talks about how much time he put into it, yet on the radio interview he claims it only took him 5 minutes!!!!!!! Come on!
PS we went and got the same exact counter from the same place he got his from, hmmm look 30 million hits and counting!

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