Did you know?... Most cell phone antennas have no purpose other than to make people believe that flipping up a 2 inch antenna just gave them better reception. They are not connected to any circuitry.
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Bird Whistle While You Work

Bird whistle while you work.
Google Goggles Sudoku

Google goggles sudoku.
Stacking Fruit On Cats

Stacking fruit on cats.
Watson Computer On Jeopardy Part 1

Watson computer on jeopardy part 1.
Batman And The Exploding Shark

Batman and the exploding shark.
Guy Has An Owl In His Shirt

Guy has an owl in his shirt.
Big Fat Hungry Cat

Big fat hungry cat.
Fellowship Of The Ring Audio Book Remix

Fellowship of the ring audio book remix.
Elmo Smeagol

Elmo smeagol.
Biden One Liner Of The Day

Biden one liner of the day.
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