Did you know?... In 1954, Bob Hawke was immortalized by the Guinness Book of Records for chugging 2.5 pints of beer in 12 seconds.
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Straanded Calf On Ice Gets Blown

Straanded calf on ice gets blown.
Bill The Kid Gets Pardoned

Bill the kid gets pardoned.
Girl And A Cat On A Trampoline

Girl and a cat on a trampoline.
Dad I Got My Report Card

Dad i got my report card.
Creepy Spinning Mouths Video

Creepy spinning mouths video.
Romanian Parliament Balcony Jumper

Romanian parliament balcony jumper.
Using A Tree As A Spare Tire

Using a tree as a spare tire.
Kitten Nom Nom Nomming

Kitten nom nom nomming.
Kid Is Stuck At The Airport

Kid is stuck at the airport.
Keifer Sutherland Christmas Tree Jump

Keifer sutherland christmas tree jump.
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