Did you know?... Cellophane is not made of plastic. It is made from a plant fiber, cellulose, which has been shredded and aged.
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A Sip From A Fire Hose

A sip from a fire hose.
Lady Falls During The News

Lady falls during the news.
Mark Gormley Music Video

Mark gormley music video.
Santa Is On The Naughty List

Santa is on the naughty list.
The Hardest Video Game Ever

The hardest video game ever.
Cat Trying To Climb Into A Bottle

Cat trying to climb into a bottle.
Donald Trump Has A Wig That Is Alive

Donald trump has a wig that is alive.
Penguin Dreams And Stranger Things

Penguin dreams and stranger things.
Airbag In A Birthday Cake

Airbag in a birthday cake.
How Not To Sing The National Anthem

How not to sing the national anthem.
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