Did you know?... Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.
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Cleveland Response To Lebron James Rise Commercial

Cleveland response to lebron james rise commercial.
Lapdance At The Cowboys Game

Lapdance at the cowboys game.
Simpsons Terrorist Attack

Simpsons terrorist attack.
Another Pole Dancer Falls

Another pole dancer falls.
Skater Knocks Himself Out

Skater knocks himself out.
Bikini Hot Tub Ass Pounding

Bikini hot tub ass pounding.
Phone Book Kindle Cell Phone While Driving

Phone book kindle cell phone while driving.
Look At Kinect Through Ir Glasses

Look at kinect through ir glasses.
Breakdance On The Side Of A Building

I'm guessing there are some special effects involved in this. That or really sticky gloves.
This Is My New Lube

This is my new lube.
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