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Evilsarah: Hi. Are you there?
Victmxx: who is this
Evilsarah: This is Sarah from Fugly.com
Evilsarah: I just received your email and found you on Yahoo
Evilsarah: Now what is your problem?
Victmxx: You know exzactly what my problem is.
Victmxx: You think its funny talking about dead babies and making fun of childhood suffering
Victmxx: you have NO IDEA what it is like to have a child

Evilsarah: Now wait a minute
Victmxx: because if you did you would understand just how painful it is
Evilsarah: hey hey
Victmxx: to have a baby and lose it or to have one and see it suffering
Evilsarah: You're wrong about that
Victmxx: People that make fun of other people's suffering are sick and ignorant
Evilsarah: You don't know me as well as you think
Victmxx: And people like you that broadcast it to the world are even worse yet
Evilsarah: I actually do know what it's like to have a baby
Victmxx: yeah right
Evilsarah: I don't think it's fair for you to judge me like that
Victmxx: you had a child?
Evilsarah: Yes
Victmxx: I'm sure
Evilsarah: Yes I have. As a matter of fact, I have had more than one ok?
Evilsarah: Look. I don't like to talk about my personal life with people
Victmxx: just to make fun of others pain and suffering right?
Evilsarah: Especially with people I don't know
Evilsarah: NO, not to make fun of other people's pain!
Evilsarah: Listen to me!
Evilsarah: The only reason I'm even telling you this is because your comments really hurt me
Evilsarah: I live with the loss I've experienced EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Evilsarah: Whenever I see a child on a playground…
Evilsarah: Or when I see a mother pushing a stroller in the mall
Evilsarah: Do you know how bad it hurts just to look at them and remember what you had?
Victmxx: I do
Evilsarah: They look so beautiful and sweet and all I can feel is empty inside
Evilsarah: Like something is missing
Evilsarah: Do you know what I mean?
Victmxx: yes I do.
Evilsarah: Well then how can you say those things to me?
Victmxx: How can you write the things you do then?
Evilsarah: I don't know. I'm really sorry.
Evilsarah: I guess it's just that I'm trying to cover up my pain.
Evilsarah: I guess I'm just being defensive so that I won't open up to anyone
Evilsarah: I can't stand the way it makes me feel to remember what it was like to have them
Victmxx: I had no idea that you had kids I would have never guessed
Victmxx: You look so young in this picture

Evilsarah: Well, I'm 28 now.
Victmxx: I'm 27
Victmxx: I'm sorry. Let's start over ok?

Evilsarah: Ok.
Evilsarah: Will you hang on a minute. I have to get some tissues
Evilsarah: Im really emotional right now
Victmxx: ok
Evilsarah: brb
Victmxx: ok
Victmxx: np

--10 minutes later --

Evilsarah: hi
Victmxx: Hi
Evilsarah: I'm back. I'm sorry. I had to get some air.
Victmxx: that's ok
Victmxx: are you alright?

Evilsarah: yes. I'm ok now.
Evilsarah: so how many children have you had?
Victmxx: two
Evilsarah: That's all?
Victmxx: lol yes!
Victmxx: How about you?

Evilsarah: Jesus. I've had 6
Victmxx: 6????
Evilsarah: But that's all over now for me
Victmxx: well I would think so
Victmxx: How do you manage with all of them
Victmxx: two are quite a handful

Evilsarah: Oh, it's easy
Victmxx: I can't imagine 6
Evilsarah: Well, I didn't have them all at one time, silly.
Victmxx: lol
Evilsarah: Well. Two of them I did
Victmxx: twins?
Evilsarah: Yes, I think so.
Evilsarah: I think that's what happened
Victmxx: What do you mean?
Evilsarah: I think that's why I can't have children anymore
Victmxx: is that what it is?
Evilsarah: well. yes
Victmxx: I though you lost a child
Evilsarah: Oh no.
Evilsarah: I can't even imagine how that would be possible.
Evilsarah: That's never happened to me
Evilsarah: I think the last two did something to change me though
Evilsarah: Now I can never have another one
Victmxx: I'm sorry
Evilsarah: They were Mexican, I think
Evilsarah: I should have never had Mexican
Victmxx: you think? what do you mean?
Victmxx: Didn't you know the father?

Evilsarah: No. I think I only met him once.
Victmxx: Wow.
Victmxx: what about your other 4?
Victmxx: different fathers too?

Evilsarah: Umm..
Evilsarah: Yeah, I think so.
Evilsarah: Maybe
Evilsarah: I mean. I got two others at the same time
Victmxx: They were twins too?
Evilsarah: God, it's so hard to talk about this.
Victmxx: Wait
Evilsarah: My stomach is turning over and over just thinking about it
Victmxx: That doesn't make sense
Evilsarah: How did you have yours?
Victmxx: What do you mean?
Evilsarah: I mean how did you prepare them?
Victmxx: for school you mean?
Evilsarah: No.
Evilsarah: How did you cook them?
Evilsarah: Did you fry them, bake them. What?
Evilsarah: See, those last two were most likely deep fried.
Evilsarah: Fucking Mexicans.
Evilsarah: Everything is fried.
Evilsarah: I should have known better.
Victmxx: Perfect
Evilsarah: They were all spicy and it screwed me all up.
Victmxx: I should have known better than to even talk to you
Evilsarah: My ass was literally on fire for like a week.
Victmxx: goodbye
Evilsarah: You ever have them poached?
Victmxx: you are the most disgusting piece of trash on the earth
Evilsarah: My favorite was this Italian kid I had.
Victmxx: I hope you know that
Evilsarah: I baked him up like a little lasagna.
Victmxx: you deserve whatever happens to you
Evilsarah: I mean it he was fucking delicious.
Victmxx: you will get what is coming to you soon and no one will care
Evilsarah: He practically melted in your mouth.
Evilsarah: Gosh that brings back memories
Victmxx: what goes around comes around sarah
Evilsarah: One I just threw on the grill and had a big old BBQ.
Evilsarah: I have a pic. Want to see?
Victmxx: think about that when you stat thinking about actually having children
Victmxx: not making fun of people and talking about eating them.

Evilsarah: Here. Check this out <PIC>
Evilsarah: It's so hard to deal with this loss. Do you know what I'm saying?
Victmxx: you are so stupid
Evilsarah: I had a chicken fried Afghani child once.
Evilsarah: Very greasy. Not much meat.
Victmxx: Ok sarah enough it's not funny anymore
Evilsarah: Kind of tasted like gunpowder…
Evilsarah: Sometimes I go to this page to dull the pain
Evilsarah: http://www.thisisacryforhelp.com/db.htm
Evilsarah: I had one kid Au Gratin'. I think he was from Idaho.
Evilsarah: Not so good.
Evilsarah: I think you're supposed to use cheddar and I used gouda.
Evilsarah: Cheddar, right?
Evilsarah: Is it cheddar or gouda?
Victmxx: <has logged out>>

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