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VictimX28 -

Dear fugly.com staff

I want to comment on some of the things I found on your internet site. I think you people have no morals and are sick in the head. You make fun of people with disabilities and are racist and ignorant. As a mother I am very offended by your jokes about children and your non compassion for them and their sufferage I know that you don't care what I am saying and will just laugh this off but I hope this letter makes you stop and think that some of the things you do really hurt peoples feelings and you ought to take them off of the internet



Sarah hates to get email like this. It drives her absolutely crazy. Her maternal instincts (mixed with steroids that should only be given to livestock and racehorses) compel her to immediately contact the sender and set things straight:

Evil Sarah is actually one of us here at Fugly.com

The innocent victim in all of this is VictimX28

HERE is what happened.

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