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cheesedog: Hello
VictimX-17: hi there
cheesedog: My name is Cheeze. whats yours?
VictimX-17: Lisa
cheesedog: Pretty.
VictimX-17: thank you
cheesedog: Would you like to fool around with a sexy 24 year old male dancer?
VictimX-17: sure. what do you wanna do?
cheesedog: I wanna have sex with you
do you have a pic?
cheesedog: Yes. Yes I do.
VictimX-17: send it to me
cheesedog: Ok. Let me see if I can find it.
VictimX-17: ok
cheesedog: Ok. Got it.
cheesedog: Are you ready?
VictimX-17: yeah
cheesedog: Ok. Here it is. *PIC*
cheesedog: Did you get it?
cheesedog: Hello?
VictimX-17: that is not you. That's Richard Simmons.
cheesedog: Oh, my bad. I sent you the wrong picture. Let me look again.
VictimX-17: why do you have a picture of Richard Simmons on your computer?
cheesedog: I think he's a hunk. Don't you?
VictimX-17: oooooookkkkkkkkk
cheesedog: Here, I found the picture
VictimX-17: ok send it
cheesedog: Alright, here it is... *PIC*
VictimX-17: this is you?
cheesedog: Yeah. Do you like it?
VictimX-17: no. you look like dogshit
cheesedog: FUCK YOU! I'm a fucking model, you bitch!
VictimX-17: Yeah right. You look like you have CP or downsyndrome.
cheesedog: How the fuck do you know?
VictimX-17: Cause your eyeball is all crooked and your teeth are nasty as hell
cheesedog: Oh yeah? Well, the pic I sent you doesn't have the face on it!
cheesedog: So you can shove it, bitch!
VictimX-17: All it is is a face you asshole!
cheesedog: Really?
cheesedog: Hold on a sec
cheesedog: Oops. I sent you the wrong pic again.
cheesedog: My bad.
VictimX-17: yeah your bad
VictimX-17: dickbag
cheesedog: No need for name calling, sweety.
cheesedog: That was a picture of my brother.
cheesedog: I'll send you the real picture right now.
VictimX-17: thats your brother?
VictimX-17: I don't want your pic now
cheesedog: Why not? I'm naked in it.
cheesedog: Hello?
cheesedog: Do you still want it?
VictimX-17: Ok go ahead
cheesedog: You don't sound like you want it.
VictimX-17: just send the damn thing before I get pissed again
cheesedog: Ok sweety
cheesedog: Here it is.. *PIC*
cheesedog: So?
cheesedog: What do you think?
VictimX-17: is this really you?
cheesedog: Yep
VictimX-17: you have a very broad chest
cheesedog: I know I do. Do you want to rub it?
VictimX-17: the picture got cut off at the bottom.
cheesedog: Yeah, I know.
cheesedog: It's hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror.
VictimX-17: I will say that I like what I see
cheesedog: Really? HOT DAMN!
cheesedog: Now send me one of you!
VictimX-17: I don't have any nude pics of myself
cheesedog: Then describe yourself to me.
VictimX-17: I have long dark hair, brown eyes, 36B tits, and a neatly trimmed pussy
cheesedog: Are you fat?
VictimX-17: No! I weigh 115 lbs.
cheesedog: How tall are you?
VictimX-17: 5 foot 5 inches
cheesedog: Mmmmm very nice. Do you want to fool around still?
VictimX-17: I can't. I have to get ready for work in an hour
cheesedog: Thats plenty of time darlin.
cheesedog: What do you say?
VictimX-17: alright
cheesedog: OK!
cheesedog: I slowly reach my hands down and unfastened your pants.
cheesedog: I gently stroke your wet pussy with my fingertips.
cheesedog: I can feel you getting hot...
cheesedog: I gently suck your hard nips as I remove your panties...
VictimX-17: mmmmmm yes. suck them
cheesedog: I lean you over the countertop in the kitchen and place my face on your hot pussy...
cheesedog: I softly lick your pussy while my brother feels your tits...
VictimX-17: mmmmmm
cheesedog: I softly caress your body in stroking motions as my brother kisses your lips...
VictimX-17: hey wait
cheesedog: I feel your juices falling down my chin...
cheesedog: What?
cheesedog: What is it?
VictimX-17: what the hell is that with your brother feeling on my tits?
cheesedog: I thought you might want a threesome.
VictimX-17: HELL NO!
VictimX-17: And definetly not with your brother!!
cheesedog: Why not? He's hung like a mule.
VictimX-17: Because your brother is fucking gross!
cheesedog: He won't drool on you or anything.
cheesedog: Not a lot, anyway.
VictimX-17: He looks like a fucking retard!
cheesedog: Uh oh.
cheesedog: You shouldn't have said that...
VictimX-17: why not? its the truth
cheesedog: He saw what you wrote.
VictimX-17: so
cheesedog: So now he's destroying the living room!
cheesedog: You shouldn't have led him on like that if you weren't gonna fuck him!
VictimX-17: I wouldn't fuck him ever!
cheesedog: Oh no.
VictimX-17: what?
cheesedog: Oh my god..
cheesedog: He's spitting all over himself. I think he's having have a seizure.
VictimX-17: You guys are fucked up. fuck you both
cheesedog: Please don't leave.
cheesedog: Just let me put a spoon in his mouth so he doesn't bite his tounge off again.
cheesedog: brb
cheesedog: Alright I'm back.
cheesedog: I tied him to the dog so he shouldn't be bothering us again
cheesedog: Are you there?
VictimX-17: Yes but I'm leaving now
cheesedog: Please don't go.
cheesedog: I promise he won't bother us again. I gave him a Playboy and some tissues.
VictimX-17: I have to go to work now
cheesedog: Call in sick. I'll make it worth your while.
VictimX-17: No thanks
cheesedog: Please?
cheesedog: Hello?
cheesedog: Can I at least get a blowjob before you go?
VictimX-17: <User Has Logged Out>

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