Did you know?... Onions have no flavor, only a smell.

sandulek: this is jon , wanna chat with this horny guy?
sandulek: been waiting for u..
sandulek: you there?
sandulek: there?
sandulek: Hi can you hear me?
travispbj: chinky
sandulek: what?
travispbj: Nothing, sorry.
sandulek: mind to have a hot chat ?
sandulek: there?
travispbj: Yes. I'm here, yellow man. What is it?
sandulek: yellow man ....mmm...sounds discrimination =(
sandulek: and how are u , white man ?=)
sandulek: anna have some fun with me ?
sandulek: are u busy with something else?
sandulek: u there?
sandulek: there ?
travispbj: Yes. I really want to chat with you
travispbj: But im a little shy

sandulek: why?
sandulek: just relax.....
sandulek: and relax....
sandulek: i am not gonna eat u ....=)
travispbj: Ok, I am relaxing now
sandulek: yeah , that's it , baby....
travispbj: What are you going to do to me?
travispbj: Where are you from?

sandulek: mmmm...having a fun chat
sandulek: i am from asia
travispbj: Where in asia, China?
sandulek: china ? no...
travispbj: You speak pretty good good Engrish
travispbj: slope

sandulek: yeah , man , i love english =)
sandulek: what?
travispbj: nothing
travispbj: Hey, I'm sorry if i took so long to get back to you
travispbj: How did you find me?

sandulek: ermm....by using random search =)
travispbj: I was just out surfing, and had to jump in the shower real quick
sandulek: that's okie...surfing cool
travispbj: I thought you were horny, you got me all excited
sandulek: hey , buddy , ermm..i am just feeling kinda horny now...
sandulek: tell me ..erm...what should i do then ?=)
sandulek: yeah u are right , man
sandulek: great minds think alike
travispbj: What do you want to do to me?
sandulek: mmm..i wanna make u as horny as me right now....
travispbj: zipperhead
sandulek: rmm...nothing much ..i am just bored with my study
sandulek: gonna take a short break
sandulek: and do something really exciting , cool and different
sandulek: are u with me?
sandulek: what is zipperhead?
sandulek: hey travis , u there ?
travispbj: Yeah, sorry. I typed in the wrong window.
sandulek: hey why are u always delaying ??
sandulek: that's okie
travispbj: I had to put some clothes on
travispbj: I was still naked

sandulek: oh ...just leave ur body naked ......
travispbj: I just got out of the shower, remember?
sandulek: oh yeah ..
travispbj: I just put some underwear on, that's all
sandulek: just leave it naked then
sandulek: mmm...stick that out , baby
travispbj: Yeah. So do you want to touch me?
sandulek: at least u should leave ur chest unclothed
travispbj: I want to feel your hands on me
travispbj: dog eater

sandulek: oh yeah i would love too....
travispbj: ok?
sandulek: you eat dogs
travispbj: No, no. I was talking to someone else. Sorry.
travispbj: I just told them I had to go
travispbj: So, tell me what you want to do to me

sandulek: yeah that's it , u are getting so hotttt....
travispbj: And then I'll tell you what im going to do to you.
travispbj: Sound good?
travispbj: Tell me!
travispbj: Talk dirty to me!!

sandulek: mmm...i just wanna stretch my hairy hands down there....and rub
sandulek: and rub.....
travispbj: Yeah?
travispbj: Keep going.
travispbj: What do you want to rub?

sandulek: getting more vigorous....
travispbj: Tell me.
sandulek: yeah ur monster cock
sandulek: your giant strong monster cock.....
travispbj: And what do you want to do with your mouth?
sandulek: yeah i love it ....
travispbj: Ummmmm. You're getting me sooo excited.
sandulek: oh yeah ....i am undressing myself now..wait a sec
sandulek: oh yeah , i feel so hot, baby
travispbj: Tell me what you are doing to me and what you're doing to yourself.
travispbj: Tell me!
travispbj: I want to hear details

sandulek: i am stripping my underwear
travispbj: !!!
sandulek: lying on the bed.....
travispbj: uuugghhhh yeah.
sandulek: i am putting out my shirt...
travispbj: Yeah. I'm sooo hot now, lemonhead.
sandulek: come touch me , baby, kiss my neck ......
travispbj: Im eating Lemonheads. Hang on. Let me get my pants off.
travispbj: *taking my underwear off*
travispbj: Ok, now what do you want to do to my asshole?

sandulek: pressure your musular body on my me
sandulek: mmmm.....slowly , dick first....
travispbj: What do you want me to do to your anus?
sandulek: oh!!!!!!!!!
travispbj: Your huge, yellow anus.
sandulek: oh baby , suck my rockhard cock ....suck it
sandulek: my pre-cum is flowing out ....
sandulek: oh yeah
travispbj: Wow. Are you ok?
travispbj: Hello?
travispbj: Panface.

sandulek: yes. I came
travispbj: Nice.
travispbj: Congratulations.
travispbj: Ok. Do you want to know what I'm going to do for you now?

sandulek: mmmmmmmmm...tell me baby
sandulek: i love to know....
travispbj: Im going to copy this chat and send it to the entire congregation of the City Harvest Church of Sinapore.
travispbj: Along with all your information.
travispbj: And I'll cc the Rev. Kong Hee
travispbj: And I'll also cc the Rev. Ho Yeow-Sun too
travispbj: What do you think about that?
travispbj: You fucking faggot.

sandulek: i am not not the original account holder
travispbj: Oh well. Then whoever owns this account will be fucked.
sandulek: oooh i guess i have harmed my friend
sandulek: !!!!!
travispbj: Yeah, you think so?
sandulek: oooh i am sorry .....i was outta my mind!!!!!!!!!
travispbj: Don't they cut off your hands for shit like this in your crappy third world country?
sandulek: i am just ....oh plez forgive me ....i have been addicted to porn and masturbation
travispbj: Isn't it going to be hard to eat rice without any hands, you fucking sicko?
sandulek: i just couldn't help myself
sandulek: i prayed to god about that b4
sandulek: and i still kept on sinning
sandulek: i know i am falling deeper and deeper
sandulek: i feel so helpless!!!!!!
sandulek: can somebody tell me what i should do ????????
travispbj: Yeah, I can think of a few things
sandulek: i feel so hopeless and helpless!!!!!!
sandulek: urgh!!!!!!!!!!
sandulek: i should repent my sins to God
sandulek: i just couldn;t hel myself
sandulek: i should continue seeking his strength
sandulek: oh no.......i feel so ugly right now,,,,,,,
sandulek: oh holy father , i know i am wrong ....i am just outta my mind
sandulek: forgive me , Father , for i kept on sinning against u
sandulek: i am sorry , travis , i know i have been losing my mind , would u plez forgive me ?
sandulek: travis , talk to me and advise me what i should do .....
sandulek: i am so helpless....and i am falling deeper and deeper !!!
sandulek: i think i am just kinda bored with my study .....and i was trying to have fun ....
sandulek: i was totally misled by Satan
sandulek: i really really
travispbj: Yeah yeah yeah. Shut up.
travispbj: I'm trying to put this email together.

sandulek: feel so guilty
sandulek: and i feel as though my past sins
sandulek: are recurring again and again !!!!
travispbj: Ok. Almost finished.
sandulek: no!!!!
sandulek: i want to be pure
sandulek: i wanna be pure , BE PURE
sandulek: WHY?? THE CHURCH PPL
sandulek: ALL LOVE ME
sandulek: just wait for a sec, travis
travispbj: Ok. Sent.
sandulek: plezz
travispbj: See you later, asshole.
sandulek: NOOOOO!!
sandulek: plez
sandulek: i wanna have some words for u b4 i say bye
sandulek: ar u stil there?
sandulek: pleeeeze
sandulek: peeeze do not go
sandulek: there?
sandulek: there?
sandulek: there?
sandulek: travis?

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