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RockClmbr2002: rachael, do u have bragg?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: who is this
RockClmbr2002: trevor
RockClmbr2002: do you have bragg?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no i don't hon
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, nm then
RockClmbr2002: thnx neways

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: your welcome sexy
RockClmbr2002: what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know i never told you before but i think you're sexy
RockClmbr2002: ok, like, are you Rachael? or is someone else there cuz this is a little scary
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its me honey
RockClmbr2002: ok, well, what have you beeen doing lately?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: not a whole lot what about you?
RockClmbr2002: um, well, i hjave been thinking about you
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: oh really?
RockClmbr2002: yes really, alot of time
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and what thoughts have you been having about me?
RockClmbr2002: well, it was.. nothing really
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you were doing alot of thinking about me but it was nothing really?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: hey you don't have to be shy with me
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, well, i don't know how to put what i felt in words
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well why don't you try
RockClmbr2002: well, ok, but what do u want me to say?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its not about what i want you to say or what i want to hear sweetie
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its about your feelings
RockClmbr2002: oh, wel, i don't know what to say, rent u an geof?
RockClmbr2002: nm

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no but i think you have feelings for me
RockClmbr2002: what kind of feelings?
RockClmbr2002: and would that be god or bad?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know romantic feelings i've seen the way you look at me
RockClmbr2002: well, do u like those feelings that u see
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i have the same feelings for you
RockClmbr2002: oh
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes when i see you i get a tingly feeling all over
RockClmbr2002: well, um, i have soathing to say to
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes?
RockClmbr2002: well, i should apologize if i led u the wrong way, um, yeah
RockClmbr2002: the thing I wanted to say was, "Alex"
RockClmbr2002: sorry

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what about alex?
RockClmbr2002: well, she is the love of my life
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know that sweetie thats why i haven't made a move on you before
RockClmbr2002: well, what happened w/ Goef?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: he's a nice guy
RockClmbr2002: well, don't u think, nm
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but he's lacking in some areas
RockClmbr2002: like what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well its kinda hard to explain
RockClmbr2002: oh, well, what do u see in me?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well Geof is nice but he's a minute man
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and i do like him but its not satisfying
RockClmbr2002: oh, and i am?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: when it comes to that thing i'd much rather be with you
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, what about like fletcher, or trent, or even lucas?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i do have fantasies
RockClmbr2002: omg, relly?
RockClmbr2002: omg
RockClmbr2002: woww

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well you do too!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i got news for you mister we females like it too and have our own fantasies
RockClmbr2002: like what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i know you guys

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you have all sorts of naughty thoughts
RockClmbr2002: go on
RockClmbr2002: please do

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i'll bet you've fantisied about haveing more than one girl in the sack haven't y you?
RockClmbr2002: um, well
RockClmbr2002: uh, do u eally want me talking bout this
RockClmbr2002: do u enjoy ur little fantasies
RockClmbr2002: and what happens in these fantasies, rachael?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: come on its a common fantasy amoung men
RockClmbr2002: well, all guys are different, u dont't know bout me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i do enjoy them
RockClmbr2002: what happens in them
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: true but tell me you haven't once thought of me and Alex and you together
RockClmbr2002: well, i dont really want to b sharing that rigth now
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know you are uncomfortable
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she is yourlove and thoughts of sex with someone other than her might make you feel bad
RockClmbr2002: if i said yes to u, would u want to make love with me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes i would
RockClmbr2002: what if it was 2morrow
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes tomorrow what time? my place or yours?
RockClmbr2002: and what do u think?
RockClmbr2002: would be best
RockClmbr2002: place and time

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its up to you
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is there anything special you want me to wear
RockClmbr2002: well, i don know, r ur parents home
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: crap i think moms gonna be home tomorrow
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, does nebody else know about it, ne friends, ppl, etc.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: GOD NO!
RockClmbr2002: would u ever tell?
RockClmbr2002: ne one?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO! i know you love alex alot it would kill her if she found out
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and Geof. i like him too i'd hate to hurt his feelings
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, r u serious about doing it?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes can we do it your bedroom?
RockClmbr2002: impossible, my parents, and my mom is always home
RockClmbr2002: plus how ould u ge here

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: ok lets meet some where
RockClmbr2002: like where
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: how abotu at Alex's house?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she's right here with me.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: want me to ask her if it's ok for us to have sex at her house?
RockClmbr2002: bull shit she is not there
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor. This is Alex.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I can't believe you are trying to have sex with Rachel
RockClmbr2002: what is this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I came over here to talk to Rachel and you wrote to her
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what the hell do you think you're doing, Trevor?
RockClmbr2002: i am not doing anything shes the one who started it
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Oh, please. I've been watching the entire time, Trevor.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: it was funny at first but then you started trying to have SEX with her???
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor, you told me that you loved me!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NOW YOU WANT TO FUCK RACHAEL?
RockClmbr2002: ALL i did was ask her if she had bragg and then i was going
RockClmbr2002: she started and I was just joking anyway

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I don't believe you and I don't ever want to see you again, Trevor.
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
RockClmbr2002: LISTEN TO ME

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO. goodbye, Trevor
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i hate you and i hope you DIE!!
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
RockClmbr2002: rachel tell her the truth that you were just joking with me
RockClmbr2002: rachel
RockClmbr2002: answer me please
RockClmbr2002: this isn't funny it was just a joke so why wont you answer
RockClmbr2002: alex

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: sorry trevor
RockClmbr2002: this isnt funny
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i thought it would be funny but then you got all serious
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: this is rachale again
RockClmbr2002: I DID NOT
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left
RockClmbr2002: YOUR tHE one who started this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im really sorry
RockClmbr2002: where did she go?
RockClmbr2002: this is not even funny rachael

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: please trevor im really sorry
RockClmbr2002: you just messed up my whole life
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry
RockClmbr2002: is she gone or is she still there
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she ran out
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i think shes downstairs calling her mom
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you ok?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: trevor
RockClmbr2002: im here
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but i really do think about you like that all the time
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know this is all crazy now but do you still?
RockClmbr2002: are you serious?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yeah
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left and i dont know
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you said you were thinking about me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is that true?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i really do think your sexy and
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i dont know
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: nevermind
RockClmbr2002: this is crazy
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im sorry about alex
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you mad at me?
RockClmbr2002: no
RockClmbr2002: im not mad

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: so do you still want to meet?
RockClmbr2002: yeah i do but this is all messed up now
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: do you still want to have sex?
RockClmbr2002: yeah but
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do?
RockClmbr2002: yes i do
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: TREVOR! THIS IS ALEX STILL.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU
RockClmbr2002: this is just crazy
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
RockClmbr2002: i cant take this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HOPE YOU DIE AND GO TO HELL!!
RockClmbr2002: <<user has logged out>>

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