Did you know?... When a person dies, hearing is usually the last sense to go.

Males are predictable. Adolescent males are even more predictable and that's why they always make such great victims.

If you're a woman you probably already know this. Mention that you're physically attracted to a man and his brain will instantly shut off. This is so that all available blood can be safely re-directed to the penis. It's sort of like shutting off your computer before you unplug it. Seriously. It's a medical fact.

Look it up if you don't believe me.

I have no idea who this poor kid was. He just IM'd us out of the blue. He was apparently trying to contact his friend, Rachael to ask if she had 'bragg' but, whatever the hell 'bragg' is, it soon took a backseat to Rachaels's secret admirations and other affairs of the heart.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at was actually one of us here at Fugly.
The innocent victim in all of this is RockClmbr2002

HERE's what happened.

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