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heavensstarlight: hey there
heavensstarlight: im from NC too

friendlydann27: hello
heavensstarlight: hi ya
friendlydann27: Sorry, i'm not relaly used to this thing
friendlydann27: just bought a computer last week
heavensstarlight: lol
heavensstarlight: i see
heavensstarlight: do u have a mic and speakers?

friendlydann27: the mic doesnt seem to work.
heavensstarlight: lol /...sure its not you?
friendlydann27: could be
heavensstarlight: im jokin
heavensstarlight: by the way

friendlydann27: I guessed that.
friendlydann27: One of my friends from church is supposed to go to the store with me in a few days to get a headset
heavensstarlight: lol
heavensstarlight: they are the best

friendlydann27: That's what he says.
friendlydann27: So you're christian?
heavensstarlight: Praise the Lord
heavensstarlight: yes
heavensstarlight: are you?

friendlydann27: Yes, have been all my life.
friendlydann27: I'm going to miss all the church activities when I go into the Navy.
heavensstarlight: how long have ya been in?
friendlydann27: I'm on the Delayed Entry Program
friendlydann27: swore in three months ago.
friendlydann27: I ship in december..
heavensstarlight: my friend comes back from sea in dec
heavensstarlight: her and her man both

friendlydann27: What jobs they got?
heavensstarlight: she is on the George Washington
heavensstarlight: oh my i have no idea

friendlydann27: I'm not sure which ship that is.
friendlydann27: I'm kind of worried about going
friendlydann27: I don't know what our Church's outreach program is going ot do without me.
friendlydann27: I organized it and do most of the work...
heavensstarlight: i see
heavensstarlight: what kind of chruch?

friendlydann27: Baptist
friendlydann27: just a little local church, no real funding or anything.
friendlydann27: I've worked alot over the past three years to set up our program for mentally handicapped children.
heavensstarlight: Praise the Lord
friendlydann27: Yeah....its a good thing for the community.
friendlydann27: you should see how happy they are at the little camp we have in the woods
heavensstarlight: awww
heavensstarlight: i love children
heavensstarlight: i am a preschool teacher

friendlydann27: I went to college for two years trying for a teaching degree, but never made it.
friendlydann27: Didnt have the patience for all the stuff they wanted us to teach children in history.
friendlydann27: I'm pretty happy here with my kids.
friendlydann27: I mean, they act up a little, but it's nothing a little discipline won't cure
friendlydann27: We don't really hurt them, mind you. Not very often anyway.
heavensstarlight: lol
heavensstarlight: i would like to hurt mine sometimes...lol...im jokin

friendlydann27: of course.....kids are precious.
friendlydann27: I mean, sometimes a yardstick is needed, but it shouldnt be overused
friendlydann27: That wouldnt work for your kids tho.
friendlydann27: Can't do that to real children.
friendlydann27: hello?
heavensstarlight: sorry
heavensstarlight: im here
heavensstarlight: well ....i see it like this i can use other things to get through to them

friendlydann27: Yeah. its easy to do that that with real kids.
friendlydann27: These kids are different
friendlydann27: I hate to have to use pain to instruct the boysin the program, but its for their own good.
heavensstarlight: ok
friendlydann27: Modern schools have gone soft on discipline.
friendlydann27: Kids need punished when they're wrong.
friendlydann27: A stick wrapped in rubber hose won't hurt a kid much as long as it isnt thicker than three fingers.
friendlydann27: It worked for me.
friendlydann27: Something wrong with this thing?
friendlydann27: Are you still there?
heavensstarlight: im here
heavensstarlight: but i dont agree

friendlydann27: Why not?
heavensstarlight: b/c i have seen children both ways
heavensstarlight: they are bad and they get rough discipline
heavensstarlight: the other kind
heavensstarlight: works better
heavensstarlight: most of them act out
heavensstarlight: for a reason and cant express what they are feelin

friendlydann27: Well yeah, I agree.
friendlydann27: For normal kids. but these aren't real people.
friendlydann27: Like I said, they're handicapped.
heavensstarlight: they are real people
friendlydann27: Not really.
friendlydann27: Sometimes i'm not even sure if they have souls.
friendlydann27: They just won't learn, and it frustrates me.
friendlydann27: the only thing that teaches them is that stick half the time.
heavensstarlight: whatever
heavensstarlight: God Bless you

friendlydann27: Don't go...
friendlydann27: Wait
friendlydann27: Stop!!!
friendlydann27: I need the advice of a real teacher!
friendlydann27: Praise the Lord!
heavensstarlight: well
heavensstarlight: they are real people
heavensstarlight: it frustrates u b/c u dont see them as Jesus would
heavensstarlight: they need love
heavensstarlight: and prayer

friendlydann27: They don't understand prayer.
friendlydann27: I've tried it.
friendlydann27: They just slur the words and it makes me so angry.
heavensstarlight: why do you have all this anger
heavensstarlight: its not like they do it on purpose

friendlydann27: I think sometimes they do, just to spite me.
friendlydann27: Or at least they used to.
friendlydann27: I've taught them better now.
heavensstarlight: anyway
heavensstarlight: sounds like u need to do something else if u ask me
heavensstarlight: u will answer to the Lord when it is time
heavensstarlight: and thats all i have to say

friendlydann27: What do you mean? I'm just trying to help them...
heavensstarlight: i dont agree with anything u have just said
friendlydann27: I'm the good guy...
heavensstarlight: yeah well you dont need to work with children
friendlydann27: I told you, its not like they're real children
heavensstarlight: b.c u dont have the heart or the love or the patiance for them
heavensstarlight: they are real
friendlydann27: You should see them.
friendlydann27: They look more ape than man, at least some do.
friendlydann27: Mongoloids, I'm telling you.
friendlydann27: Like monkeys.
friendlydann27: I'm only trying to show them the right path.
heavensstarlight: by hurting them
heavensstarlight: thats funny considering the Lord show people by LOVE
heavensstarlight: not scaring them or abusing them

friendlydann27: I do love them.
heavensstarlight: or treating them like animals
heavensstarlight: if u loved them u wouldnt think this

friendlydann27: If I didn't love the little freaks I wouldn't spend so much time trying to help them.
heavensstarlight: ur not helpin your hinderin
friendlydann27: No, I've seen some wondrous progress.
friendlydann27: They don't act up like they used to.
friendlydann27: They sit quietly and respectfully in Church.
friendlydann27: Maybe because they're scared a little but they're learning
friendlydann27: Its not like they're getting it bad.
friendlydann27: That one only went to the hospital for a couple weeks.
friendlydann27: It wouldn't have been that long if they'd told me he had weak bones.
friendlydann27: I know the Lord is with me...you should see how much their parents appreciate it.
friendlydann27: hello?
friendlydann27: Is this thing broken?
friendlydann27: are you there?
heavensstarlight: yes i will pray for oyu and goodnite
friendlydann27: Pray for me? Why?
friendlydann27: Hello?
heavensstarlight: u need
heavensstarlight: it

friendlydann27: Why? I'm a good, God-fearing man
friendlydann27: I work with children, devote eevry spare dollar and hour I can to helping my community...
friendlydann27: It's not my fault they won't listen at first.
friendlydann27: I'm telling you, six or eight times at camp and they're different people.
friendlydann27: A few try to tell lies about me, but I stopped that
friendlydann27: Hello?
friendlydann27: Please don't go....
friendlydann27: Praise the Lord!
heavensstarlight: its not by your works
heavensstarlight: that you are saved
heavensstarlight: its by his grace and mercy
heavensstarlight: you dont get to heaven by what u do

friendlydann27: I'm working in His name! The pastor said so!
friendlydann27: Why can't you understand? The schools won't do it!
friendlydann27: These kids don't need counselors to make them worse.
friendlydann27: They need someone who can handle a good, big stick to make them better
friendlydann27: there was one time I went a little too far
friendlydann27: but the pastor told the boy's parents he fell down a hill...
friendlydann27: which was good of him. He's a nice man. Well leanred in the Book
friendlydann27: I swear though, sometimes they're like animals.
friendlydann27: hello?
heavensstarlight: no matter what ur pastor says
heavensstarlight: God knows ur heart

friendlydann27: Well the pastor says what I'm doing is right.
friendlydann27: He's been there, he's helped....he even covered up that kids legs getting broke
heavensstarlight: yeah if he covered that up what else will her cover up
friendlydann27: I love the Lord. I follow the Book, spare the rod and spoil the child.
heavensstarlight: whatever
heavensstarlight: good bye

friendlydann27: What do you mean? He's only trying to help the children
friendlydann27: Just like me...
friendlydann27: Don't go, please....you need to hear this.
friendlydann27: Hello?
friendlydann27: Hello?
friendlydann27: Are you there?

heavensstarlight: <User has logged out>

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