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Victims of Fugly.com Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the Victims of Fugly.com
A: Ever had a really bad experience with your favorite Instant Messenger? Well maybe it was actually us. Maybe you'll find your own picture here along with the whole sordid conversation.
Q: Is this for real? Did you really spend the time to chat with all these people?
A: Yes. A few of us are on house arrest and have a lot of time on our hands.
Q: What if I find MY picture on here and decide to SUE your scrawny asses?
A: If you are really that pissed off about it, we'll be happy to remove it. It's all in fun, and we don't want any psychos coming after us.
Q: How do you find all this personal information about your 'Victims'?
A: We use a little program called Net Detective. It's awesome. Check it out here.
Q: Why can't I find depravedkiller or GRLonGRL69 's profiles?
A: Unfortunately, they were removed. We have a whole new set of names and are busy chatting it up with people just like you. We might even be talking to you right now!
Q: Why are most of your victims named Victim X and why do they have their faces hidden?
A: We try very hard not to make any permanant enemies and not to get our asses sued. We ask our victims if they will allow us to post their real names and use their real photos. Needless to say, most of them say, "no".
It's tough to make friends with someone after you've just finished telling them you were going to chop off their arms and legs and throw them in a ditch. Some people are reluctant to cooperate. We have no idea why.
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