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VictimX-17 Part Deux

Cheezedawg: hello
DumbAssJill: hi there
Cheezedawg: Do you remember me?
DumbAssJill: Not really
Cheezedawg: *crys*
DumbAssJill: should I?
Cheezedawg: Of course you should
DumbAssJill: and why is that?
Cheezedawg: Well, we shared a very intimate conversation about a year and a half ago
DumbAssJill: let me guess
DumbAssJill: you got horny and figured you'd message me right?

Cheezedawg: No. I haven't seen you on Yahoo since that day.
DumbAssJill: I hardly ever use this name anymore
Cheezedawg: And why is that?
DumbAssJill: I use my other one
Cheezedawg: Tell me what it is.
DumbAssJill: why?
Cheezedawg: Sorry
DumbAssJill: I'm trying to remember you
DumbAssJill: do you have a pic?

Cheezedawg: yes
DumbAssJill: send it to me
Cheezedawg: ok. let me find it.
DumbAssJill: ok
Cheezedawg: here it is. *PIC*
DumbAssJill: thats not you. Thats JJ from Good Times
Cheezedawg: oh fuck! I sent the wrong file.
Cheezedawg: let me try again
DumbAssJill: Do you like JJ or something?
Cheezedawg: He's the best!
DumbAssJill: wtf??
DumbAssJill: Whatever trips your trigger pal

Cheezedawg: here I found the picture
DumbAssJill: ok send it
Cheezedawg: here it is *PIC*
DumbAssJill: this is you?
Cheezedawg: yeah. Do you like it?
DumbAssJill: I don't remember you at all
Cheezedawg: Thats fuckin' rough
DumbAssJill: sorry
Cheezedawg: So you want round two now or what?
DumbAssJill: No thanx
DumbAssJill: I never did you in the first place

Cheezedawg: How could you say that?
Cheezedawg: ..after what we shared together.
Cheezedawg: It was beautiful.
DumbAssJill: I don't recognize this picture at all!
DumbAssJill: Besides you aren't my type

Cheezedawg: I was your type a year ago!
Cheezedawg: What the fuck happened since then?!
DumbAssJill: How do I put it...
DumbAssJill: I'm not attracted to you

Cheezedawg: WTF?!??!
Cheezedawg: You were last year, you bitch!
DumbAssJill: okay I'm done with you
Cheezedawg: Wait please
Cheezedawg: I didn't mean that
DumbAssJill: yes you did
Cheezedawg: No really.
Cheezedawg: You probally don't recognize it because I sent you a nude one last year
DumbAssJill: Your too skinny
Cheezedawg: I'm not THAT skinny!
Cheezedawg: Afterall, I'm a trucker.
DumbAssJill: A trucker? Your wearing a thong!
Cheezedawg: A thong????
Cheezedawg: Hold on a sec.
Cheezedawg: Oh I see what happened. I sent you the wrong pic again.
Cheezedawg: My bad.
DumbAssJill: fuck
DumbAssJill: another stupid shithead

Cheezedawg: Shhhh settle down
Cheezedawg: I need to seperate my pictures better
Cheezedawg: Let me try again
DumbAssJill: So whose the skinny guy?
DumbAssJill: I think I'm gonna go

Cheezedawg: I'll send the naked one
Cheezedawg: Jill?
Cheezedawg: are you still there?
DumbAssJill: go ahead
Cheezedawg: I'm looking for it
DumbAssJill: hurry up
Cheezedawg: Ok sweety
Cheezedawg: hang on a sec
Cheezedawg: ok, here it is *PIC*
Cheezedawg: What do you think?
DumbAssJill: this is fake
Cheezedawg: no it isn't
DumbAssJill: looks that way to me
Cheezedawg: why does it look fake?
DumbAssJill: guys send me fakes all the time
DumbAssJill: they eventually fess up when I catch on

Cheezedawg: WTF???
Cheezzedawg2: just how many dicks HAVE you seen?
DumbAssJill: none of your business
Cheezedawg: thats common
Cheezedawg: I was honest with you
Cheezedawg: I sent you a real picture of me
DumbAssJill: Send me another to compare
Cheezedawg: Ok let me find another one
Cheezedawg: Here you go *PIC*
Cheezedawg: Well?
DumbAssJill: They match. I believe you now
Cheezedawg: Alright, now that that's solved... what did you think of it?
DumbAssJill: You look very ummmmm endowed
Cheezedawg: Thats right honey. And I like to use it too.
Cheezedawg: Send me one of you now
DumbAssJill: I don't have any nudes
Cheezedawg: Then describe yourself to me
DumbAssJill: I have dark hair, dark eyes, 36B tits, slim waist and a groomed cooch
Cheezedawg: Are you ugly?
DumbAssJill: Not by any means
Cheezedawg: How tall are you?
DumbAssJill: 5 ft 5 in
Cheezedawg: Mmmmm very nice. Do you want to fool around some?
DumbAssJill: Are you any good?
Cheezedawg: No complaints yet
DumbAssJill: me either
Cheezedawg: Then lets get it on darlin'!
Cheezedawg: Ok?
DumbAssJill: You first
Cheezedawg: Thats cool with me
Cheezedawg: here we go
Cheezedawg: I slowly reach my hand under your skirt
Cheezedawg: I slide my hand under your panties
Cheezedawg: I gently stroke your wet cunt with my fingers
Cheezedawg: I feel you get hot and wet.
Cheezedawg: I gently suck your hard nipples
Cheezedawg: Then I bite them.
Cheezedawg: I remove your panties
DumbAssJill: mmmmmm yes. suck them
Cheezedawg: I lay you on the floor and place my face on your hot pussy
Cheezedawg: I softly lick your pussy while you stroke my brother's cock
DumbAssJill: mmmmmm
Cheezedawg: I softly caress your tits as my brother moans with pleasure
DumbAssJill: hey wait
Cheezedawg: I feel your nipples getting even harder
Cheezedawg: Yes?
DumbAssJill: why the hell is your brother in on this?
Cheezedawg: A threesome baby
DumbAssJill: I don't know about this
Cheezedawg: Just relax. Enjoy the fantasy.
Cheezedawg: I continue to lick your hot pussy as you take my brother in your mouth
DumbAssJill: stop this is too weird
Cheezedawg: Settle down. He's here with me right now
DumbAssJill: What does he look like?
Cheezedawg: He's hot.
Cheezedawg: Wanna see a picture?
DumbAssJill: oh yes please
Cheezedawg: Ok
Cheezedawg: You're gonna love him
DumbAssJill: I'm hoping so
Cheezedawg: Here he is *PIC*
DumbAssJill: OH FUCK NO!

Cheezedawg: Whats wrong with you?
DumbAssJill: fucking gross!
Cheezedawg: Hey now thats not nice
DumbAssJill: I remember you now!
Cheezedawg: Good! Lets get back to our threesome now
DumbAssJill: FUCK NO!
Cheezedawg: Don't be like this. He's very good.
DumbAssJill: Go fuck yourself
Cheezedawg: Why are you being so mean? Just let him lick your face a little bit

Cheezedawg: oh no.
DumbAssJill: what?
Cheezedawg: He's shitting himself again. I think he's having have another seizure.
DumbAssJill: Good! I hope he fucking dies along with you!
Cheezedawg: I'm tryig to calm him down.
Cheezedawg: I'm massaging his dick so he doesn't go limp
Cheezedawg: Say something sexy to him.
Cheezedawg: Help me out here!!
DumbAssJill: FUCK OFF!
Cheezedawg: Please don't go. I need your help!
DumbAssJill: KISS MY ASS!
Cheezedawg: Oh thank you so much. That got him calmed down
Cheezedawg: I start to kiss your ass.
Cheezedawg: My brother nibbles your nips with his rotten teeth.
Cheezedawg: He coughs up a load of phlegm and stains your hair.
Cheezedawg: I punch you in the eye and start to pee on your back.
Cheezedawg: You cry for help but my brother gags your mouth with a dirty sock
DumbAssJill: <User Has Logged Out>

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