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cheezedawg: Are you the one having trouble finding work?
cruzingurl82: Yes
cruzingurl82: why?

cheezedawg: just curious. I had the same problem a couple months back
cruzingurl82: are you from this area?
cheezedawg: not really. But I'm close by.
cruzingurl82: oh
cheezedawg: what do you do?
cruzingurl82: right now i'd do anything
cheezedawg: oh really?
cheezedawg: do you mean that?
cruzingurl82: you aren't some sick pervert are you?
cheezedawg: yes. why do you ask?
cruzingurl82: sorry I don't do that
cheezedawg: do what?
cruzingurl82: I have my self respect
cruzingurl82: prostitute

cheezedawg: WOAH!
cheezedawg: back up here
cheezedawg: I didn't offer you any money
cruzingurl82: so what do you want?
cheezedawg: to help
cruzingurl82: how?
cheezedawg: Can you commute to work?
cruzingurl82: yes but not that far.
cheezedawg: How about Dover? That's not too far.
cheezedawg: I can get you a job in Dover.
cruzingurl82: probally, but I'd like something closer.
cruzingurl82: what kind of job is it?

cheezedawg: Modeling
cruzingurl82: I tried that once.
cruzingurl82: wait a minute
cruzingurl82: you don't mean nude modeling do you?

cheezedawg: I know some model chicks in Dover that can hook you up.
cruzingurl82: please don't say that
cheezedawg: say what?
cruzingurl82: model chicks
cheezedawg: What's wrong with "Model Chicks"?
cruzingurl82: Well, its not very politically correct
cheezedawg: Ok then
cheezedawg: Female fashion represenatives.
cheezedawg: better?
cruzingurl82: LOL
cruzingurl82: much :)
cruzingurl82: I almost got into the field once before
cruzingurl82: I got scared and backed out

cheezedawg: what field? A baseball field?
cruzingurl82: NOOOO! LOL
cruzingurl82: Female fashion as you call it.

cheezedawg: what stopped you? Are you ugly?
cruzingurl82: NO!
cruzingurl82: I'm very cute
cruzingurl82: at least I think so.

cheezedawg: Show me
cruzingurl82: I don't even know your name
cheezedawg: It's Johnny
cruzingurl82: last name?
cheezedawg: Cheesedog
cruzingurl82: Cheesedog???
cheezedawg: Yes ma'am.
cruzingurl82: weird
cheezedawg: Yeah I know
cruzingurl82: What do you do Johnny?
cheezedawg: I haul dead bodies around
cruzingurl82: stop please
cheezedawg: Oops I forgot.
cheezedawg: I'm a transportation coordinator for the living impaired.
cruzingurl82: LOL
cruzingurl82: You're funny
cheezedawg: Am I? Gee thanks
cruzingurl82: I meant you're a funny guy
cheezedawg: Yes I've been told that before.
cruzingurl82: What do you really do?
cheezedawg: Ummmmm haul dead bodies around?
cheezedawg: HELLO??!!??
cruzingurl82: Are you serious?
cheezedawg: Sure as anything else
cruzingurl82: You work for a cemetary?
cheezedawg: We prefer to call it a resting ground for the breathing impaired.
cruzingurl82: LMAOOOO
cruzingurl82: You are a riot!

cheezedawg: And I'm sexy too!
cruzingurl82: I bet
cheezedawg: I am
cruzingurl82: You should be a comedian.
cheezedawg: Perhaps one day I will be.
cruzingurl82: do you have a picture?
cheezedawg: I have many
cruzingurl82: Can I see it?
cheezedawg: On one condition.
cheezedawg: hello???
cruzingurl82: What?
cheezedawg: I said I'll show you on one condition
cruzingurl82: What's that?
cheezedawg: I get to see yours.
cruzingurl82: Okay
cheezedawg: You first
cruzingurl82: Why do I have to be first?
cheezedawg: cause one of us has to be first.
cruzingurl82: why not you?
cheezedawg: Are we gonna play fifth grade games or are you gonna send it?
cruzingurl82: Okay hold your horses.
cheezedawg: *holding*
cheezedawg: *still holding*
cruzingurl82: here ya go *PIC*
cheezedawg: Looking.....
cruzingurl82: Okay
cheezedawg: Holy shit! This is really you?
cruzingurl82: yes
cheezedawg: *hands you a carrot*
cruzingurl82: what is that suppose to be?
cheezedawg: nothing
cheezedawg: so Whats up Doc?
cheezedawg: Daffy been giving you trouble lately?
cruzingurl82: what are you talking about?
cruzingurl82: are you gonna send me your picture now?

cheezedawg: Sure.
cheezedawg: Hey! I just thought of a great job for you!
cruzingurl82: Whats that?
cheezedawg: Working at a bar! You could make mad money!
cruzingurl82: I don't know how to bartend
cheezedawg: Nooooooo not as a bartender
cheezedawg: excuse me.... alcoholic beverage dispenser.
cruzingurl82: LOL Then what?
cheezedawg: Check this out
cheezedawg: You stand behind the bar while the bartender takes the orders.
cheezedawg: When a customer orders a beer you open your mouth...
cruzingurl82: I'm confused
cheezedawg: Then the bartender takes the beer....
cheezedawg: And pops the cap off on your two buck teeth!
cheezedawg: Everyone goes home happy!
cruzingurl82: fuck off
cheezedawg: I'm just trying to help you sweety
cheezedawg: I know how hard it is to get work
cruzingurl82: so you make fun of me?
cheezedawg: I wasn't making fun of you
cruzingurl82: yes you were
cheezedawg: If I was making fun of you, I'd have told you to go get a job chewing through telephones with those things
cruzingurl82: FUCK YOU!
cruzingurl82: FUCKING ASSHOLE!

cheezedawg: I'm on a roll now.
cheezedawg: How about you suck my dick you buck: toothed whore?
cheezedawg: I'm sorry
cheezedawg: I meant "dentally challenged Vaginal sales represenative"
cruzingurl82: Eat shit and die loser
cruzingurl82: I don't need to floss right now with your little prick you fucking LOSER!

cheezedawg: You'd need more than mine dick for that.
cheezedawg: Maybe a thick rope or a heavy metal chain....
cruzingurl82: I'm putting you on ignore
cheezedawg: Don't leave yet!
cheezedawg: I'm sorry
cheezedawg: I really want to help you find a job.
cheezedawg: Maybe you could use your teeth to pierce people's ears or something.
cheezedawg: One good CHOMP is all it should take
cruzingurl82: <User is Unavailable for Chat>

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