Did you know?... The average housefly lives only two weeks.

mikewilliams27: Hi.
azvixen2001: hello
mikewilliams27: My name is Mike.
mikewilliams27: What's yours?
azvixen2001: What?
azvixen2001: Mike I gotta get back to work thanks for saying hello

mikewilliams27: Aww. Don't you want to talk to me?
azvixen2001: hey you have not talked to me since before the 4th of July so why now
mikewilliams27: What? I think you are thinking of a different Mike.
mikewilliams27: My name is Mike Williams.
mikewilliams27: I'm from Baltimore.
azvixen2001: Oh sorry well I really have to go
mikewilliams27: Where do you work?
azvixen2001: why does it matter
mikewilliams27: I am just trying to make friends.
mikewilliams27: It doesn't, I guess.
mikewilliams27: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ricki Lake?
azvixen2001: well sorry not with me
mikewilliams27: You're rude.
mikewilliams27: You'd think that a fat girl like you would be happy to have someone talk to her.
azvixen2001: no u are. I have asked very nicely to end our chat a number of times
azvixen2001: I get lots of attention honey do not need u

mikewilliams27: I was born with three nipples.
mikewilliams27: Want me to send you a picture?
mikewilliams27: In your picture, you have a pimple on your chest.
mikewilliams27: At first I thought it was a third nipple too but I figured it out.
mikewilliams27: A lot of fat girls have pimples on their chests like that.
mikewilliams27: It's because you sweat a lot.
azvixen2001: If you don't quit writing to me I will inform my systems administrator.
mikewilliams27: What's his name?
azvixen2001: it's not a he its a she.
mikewilliams27: Yeah, right.
mikewilliams27: Everyone knows that all sytme admins are men.
mikewilliams27: Girls are too dumb to figure that stuff out.
azvixen2001: Typical. I bet you live with your mother, dont' you?
mikewilliams27: Well yeah. I do. How did you know?
mikewilliams27: I have 13 cats.
azvixen2001: Good for you.
mikewilliams27: I like you.
azvixen2001: Mike, I'm serious. I'm very busy here and you are bothering me.
mikewilliams27: Do you like cats?
mikewilliams27: I do.
azvixen2001: Goodbye Mike.
mikewilliams27: I bet you have all sorts of stuff stuck between your fat rolls.
mikewilliams27: Check right now and tell me what you find.
mikewilliams27: Do you like Doritos?
mikewilliams27: My mom does.
mikewilliams27: She eats them on the couch and she's really fat too.
mikewilliams27: It's hot and sometimnes she wears a bra around the house and I see Dorito chips on her fat rolls.
azvixen2001: How old are you, 10?
mikewilliams27: I'm 27.
azvixen2001: You're 27???
azvixen2001: You act like a 10 year old!!
azvixen2001: And you live with your mother?
azvixen2001: LOL!

mikewilliams27: Why is that funny?
azvixen2001: Awww. poor baby. I just want to pat you on your little head.
mikewilliams27: Shut up and don't make fun of me.
azvixen2001: You're so pathetic.
mikewilliams27: STOP IT!!
mikewilliams27: my head is not little.
azvixen2001: LOL!!
mikewilliams27: stop it
azvixen2001: BYE LOSER!
mikewilliams27: STO!p1oij1 pjoioih STOP ITTT!!!
azvixen2001: Why dont you go out and get a life you pathetic moron?
azvixen2001: What's the matter? One of your cats got your tongue?
azvixen2001: LOL!

2 minutes later...

mikewilliams27: Hello?
mikewilliams27: Who is this?
azvixen2001: Hello loser.
mikewilliams27: I'm sorry. This is Mike's mother.
mikewilliams27: To whom am I communicating?
azvixen2001: yeah right. hi Mike's mom.
mikewilliams27: I'm serious. Who is this?
mikewilliams27: My name is Sarah.
azvixen2001: My name is Denise.
mikewilliams27: Mike is not a normal 27 year old, in case you couldn't tell.
mikewilliams27: He's at about a 4th grade level.
mikewilliams27: We've had a lot of problems with him ever since he started using this computer.
azvixen2001: Well maybe you shouldn't let him use it.
mikewilliams27: You may be right, but that's not going to help us now.
mikewilliams27: Mike is having a seizure right now.
mikewilliams27: His father is tending to him.
mikewilliams27: Something you said must have triggered it.
mikewilliams27: What were you two talking about?
mikewilliams27: Hello?
mikewilliams27: I'm very serious about this. Please help.
azvixen2001: Look. he started talking first.
azvixen2001: I am at work right now and am very busy.

mikewilliams27: I know. I'm very sorry, but will you please help us?
mikewilliams27: This has happened before.
azvixen2001: Take him to a doctor.
mikewilliams27: I wish it was that simple. It's not really a seizure but if I don't get him to stop he can really hurt himself.
mikewilliams27: Mike has a serious problem with social skills and this is his defense mechanism.
mikewilliams27: Whenver there is any sort of a conflict, especially with women that he likes, he has one of these "seizures".
mikewilliams27: We can watch him for a few hours so he doesn't choke on his tongue or you can help.
azvixen2001: Are you kidding me.
mikewilliams27: I know this sounds strange, Denise, but I am very serious.
mikewilliams27: Can I call you to explain over the phone?
azvixen2001: I dont think so.
mikewilliams27: Well let me give you my number then.
mikewilliams27: Ok, it's 301-***-****
azvixen2001: Ok.
azvixen2001: I'm calling you.

mikewilliams27: Ok
azvixen2001: No answer.
mikewilliams27: What?
mikewilliams27: Oh my god. I'm sorry. The ringer is turned off.
mikewilliams27: Will you try again?
azvixen2001: No. I have to go.
mikewilliams27: NO. Please don't!
mikewilliams27: Please help us. it will only take a minute.
mikewilliams27: All you have to do is apologize to him and pretend to like him.
mikewilliams27: I will watch over his sholder and get him off the computer.
mikewilliams27: After this, I don't think we're ever going to let him onthe computer again.
mikewilliams27: Hello?
mikewilliams27: Will you please help us?
mikewilliams27: Please respond? I'm really not joking about this, Denise.
azvixen2001: Ok. Look. I will talk to him for 2 minutes then i have to go.
mikewilliams27: Oh thank you so much.
azvixen2001: I can't beleive I'm doign this.
mikewilliams27: Ok. I am going to get him and tell him that you want to speak to him.
azvixen2001: sure.
azvixen2001: hurry up.

mikewilliams27: Hi.
azvixen2001: Hi
azvixen2001: umm hello?
azvixen2001: Is this Mike?

mikewilliams27: yeah
azvixen2001: hi Mike.
mikewilliams27: hi
azvixen2001: uhhhh Ok Mike. I'm sorry.
mikewilliams27: what?
azvixen2001: I said I'm sorry for making fun of you.
azvixen2001: I was only kidding.

mikewilliams27: no you werent'
azvixen2001: yes i was mike. I swear to god.
azvixen2001: I like you.
azvixen2001: We're friends, Ok?
azvixen2001: Ok Mike?
azvixen2001: Are you going to be ok?
azvixen2001: I like you and I shouldn't have made fun of you. Now go get your Mom.

mikewilliams27: you like me?
azvixen2001: Yes. I really like you.
mikewilliams27: and you were wrong?
azvixen2001: Yes mike. I was wrong and you were right?
mikewilliams27: i was right?
azvixen2001: yes you were right
mikewilliams27: about what?
azvixen2001: what?
mikewilliams27: About what?
mikewilliams27: Was I right about your third nipple, or that you have Dorito chips stuck in your ass crack you fat whore?
azvixen2001: FUCK YOU!
mikewilliams27: HHAHAH!!!
mikewilliams27: My mom isn't even home, fatty!
azvixen2001: FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLE!
azvixen2001: I HOPE YOU REALLY DO HAVE A SEIZURE and CHOKE on your fuckign tongue loser!!!!!!

mikewilliams27: Who's the loser now, fat-ass?
mikewilliams27: Want me to call you? I have your number off of my caller ID.
mikewilliams27: Denise *******?
mikewilliams27: Can I call you at 480-***-****?
mikewilliams27: Can I come visit you at 2423 ********** Park, Tempe Arizona 85284?
mikewilliams27: Can I bring some of my cats?
mikewilliams27: And some Doritos?
azvixen2001: I'm calling the police.
azvixen2001: <has logged off>

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