Did you know?... Real diamonds can be made from peanut butter!

That's it. We're officially going to hell.

This might just be the meanest thing that Sarah has ever done and quite frankly, I'm disgusted by it. It's almost not even funny. As a matter of fact, It's almost sad and when you read it, you might feel a sorry for this poor kid.

Judging from her username, I'm guessing that poor Amy is going to graduate high school in 2003 and that would make her about 15 years old. Kids get too much cajoling from their paretns these days so I'm a strong beleiver is exposing kids to the harsh realities of life at an early age. What could be harsher than a conversation with Sarah about your lost pet?

I'm almost ashamed to have been a part of this.

Evil Sarah is are actually one of us here at Fugly.

The innocent victim in all of this is amybee2003

Here's what happened.
*not really
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