Did you know?... C3PO is the first character to speak in Star Wars.
Mike Williams
Personal Info
Favorite Color
Baby Blue
Favorite Food
Cheeze Wizz
Favorite Song
(at the moment)
- ""
Bio On Fugly

Harlan and Mike have been friends for years. They met on a very short yellow bus that used to pick them both up for school when the Felchers lived in Baltimore. Mike got dropped off at school and Harlan...well Harlan went someplace else.

Mike still lives with his mother in a 3 story row-house in East Baltimore and, on occasion, visits the Felcher household to sit with Harlan in the kiddie pool, drink lemonade, and stare into the sun.



Hobbies & Interests:
Mike enjoys taking care of his 23 cats. Mike's arms are constantly covered with infected scratches and he smells of amonia and cat urinie.
Friends & Family:
Like all losers, Mike's best friends are a retard and a high school kid. Jesse Jamison and Harlan Felcher.
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