Did you know?... It is illegal to purchase or consume Jack Daniel's Whiskey in the town in which it is produced!
L.T. Jackson
Personal Info
Favorite Color
Heated glass and white smoke.
Favorite Food
Favorite Song
(at the moment)
- "hell naw officer, that ain't my pipe!!"
Bio On Fugly
L.T. met Martha, Martin, and Harlan Felcher at White Castle one lovely Saturday afternoon. He quickly befriended Mrs. Felcher by peeling a pickle from under one of her 4 lovely chins. After that, he took her back home and gave her sweet ebony lovin', all night long.

Since that day, L.T has been a regular visitor to the Felcher household and, on special occasions, Martha gives him a 40oz. to watch Harlan while she goes bowling. Every once in a while, Martin will slip him a dime bag to write the Whore-O-Scopes for Fugly.



Hobbies & Interests:
Smokin da' rock, getting rides in Martha Felcher's station wagon to the corner sto'. Gittin over on tha' man and Mastering Latin (even though some say it's a dead language).
Friends & Family:
Anyone with tha' rock, Al Shaprton, Louis Farakkkhan, and Bobby Peru cause he gots the best chit in town!
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