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Johnny Cheesedog
Personal Info
Adult Entertainer
Salisbury, Maryland
Favorite Color
Five's and Ten's
Favorite Food
Favorite Song
(at the moment)
The Theme from Hee Haw; because it so reminds him of home.
- "Anything that can't say, "No", May as well be sayin', "Yes".
Bio On Fugly
Johnny was born in the remote land of Delaware; on a farm not far from Amish territory. He was taken in by these devil Amish and, as a child, forced to live, chained up, in their apple cellar.

By age 15, and before his keepers discovered his dirty little secret, he was well on his way to creating his master race; something between man and goat. His philosophy was that, if he tried hard enough, a fertile enough ewe would eventually accept his demon seed an dbear him a son.

He was cast out, and forced to sell his body on the street for $3.13 an hour, which of course at the time was the State minimum wage. This lasted months, until the owner of a local Deleware strip club offered him a job where he was promised he could make twice that.

After years of hard work, Johnny finally bought his freedom and got a job posing nude for underground magazines targeted at wealthy, gay men.

Although he never got his shot at stripping, Johnny yearns for the catwalk, not to mention the tender touch of a willing ewe.



Hobbies & Interests:
Johnny enjoys collecting Pogs that depict that agony of Americans of the 1980's. (C'mon. Did anyone really enjoy that Gary Coleman show?) He enjoys reminiscing about the simpler times. Other than Mud Wrestling, Johnny doesn't actively participate in sports.
Friends & Family:

Johnny has a brother named Doug with whom he talks often. No one seems to mind that Doug never speaks back; or that Doug is invisible; just as long as Johnny is content. Johnny's first love is a beautiful girl named Lana who still grazes on the open, fertile Deleware fields.

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