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Harlan Felcher
Personal Info
Fulton, Maryland
Favorite Color
Favorite Food
Favorite Song
(at the moment)
- "That's not good.."
Bio On Fugly

What can you say about a guy like Harlan Felcher? He's a stud. Women...they LOVE him, and no one really knows why.

From an early age it was clear that Harlan was special. He just wasn't like all the other kids and nobody could really pinpoint what is was.

He doesn't suffer from any one standard form of mental retardation, rather, he seems to be a strange combinatin of them all. For whatever reason, this really works with the ladies and Harlan enjoys a charmed, worry free sort of life.

To the utter disgust of his big broither Martin, woman find him simply irresistable.



Hobbies & Interests:
Harlan enjoys sitting for hours on end and staring into the Sun. He also enjoys slobbering when he talks, chewing with his mouth open and shouting for his mother, Martha at the top of his lungs in crowded shopping malls. Harlan is a true embarrasment to any family but, like we said, the chick really dig him.
Friends & Family:
Harlan is the younger brother of Martin Felcher and the favorite son of Martha. Harlan's best friend is Mike Williams
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