Did you know?... The American Automobile Association was founded for the sole purpose of warning motorists of police speed traps!
Personal Info
- 30
Favorite Color
Blood red.
Favorite Food
Favorite Song
(at the moment)
- "Don't quote me boy, I aint said shit"
Bio On Fugly
The infamous frank6 was born in a log cabin near the Patapsco River. His folks, ma and pa6, were dirt farmers until the bottom fell out of the mud market in back in '73. The 6's lived a hard life, surviving mostly on bark, wood lice, and whatever supplies they could steal from campers in the nearbly state park.

Frank was smart as a dominatrix's whip. He taught himself to read from print on discarded Natie -Boh cans and Skoal wrappers. At the age of six he found his first magic marker. He scribbled profanity and quotes from "Sanford and Son" all over his arms and legs. Ma6 scrubbed him good and clean with lye soap, but she was too late. Frank's career as journalist had begun.

Frank left home when he got his first pubic hairs. He rode the rails for a time, and picked blood worms wherever he could. Frank always hated work, though and he kept a journal and vowed to himself that one day he would see his name in lights.

Frank's dream was finally realized with advent of the internet, a place where any backwoods yahoo can get published, and get published he did. Now frank6 is a big time journalist for Fugly.com. You can still see the scars from ma6's lye on his skin today.


Hobbies & Interests:
Frank enjoys long strolls though the local landfill, science fiction, and skeet shooting with fine china.

He's only been arrested once for indecent exposure. In the US, that is. The other times he got off on technicalities.

Fire arms is another question. Boy is it ever.
Friends & Family:
Frank hasn't seen his family since he left home. He's embarassed about his roots and would rather you didn't dig them up.

He's been married 5 times. They were money grubbing sluts. Every one of em'. Good thing none of the marriages were legal (thanks for the hint Mr. Jagger). Frank is currently looking for hot young nineteen year-old nubbins to round out the set.

Friends? Bloodsuckers you mean. Ever since Frank's amazing success, the rat's have been crawling out of the woodwork. Everone wants a piece of Frank: bookies, loansharks, blackmailers, the asian woman at the massage parlor. Suddenly, everybody holding a marker wants to collect. But they can't.

That's the beautiful part. The only place anyone can find Frank is in cyberspace. The net is nowhere.
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