Did you know?... Rats can tell the difference between two human languages.
Madamme Borkofski
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- "Aww, you looks stressed out. You want a hand job?"
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Every workplace has to have a sex object, and Fugly.com is no different. Madame Borkofski really doesn't fit in with the rest of us here and I'll be the first to admit it, we only hired her because she has great breasts and I want to have sex with her.

We put an ad in the paper for a secretary. We intentionally spelled everything wrong except for the line that said, "Must be willing to do ANYTHING it takes to please the boss. Must sign our Standard Waiver prior to employment.

Madame Borkofski was the only one who responded, but honestly, we couldn't be happier.

All I know about Madame Borkofski is that she's from Russia and is able to supply us with a never-ending stream of models for our other site, RedSquareHookers.

She pretty much shows up whenever she wants and doesn't do any work whatsoever. If I ask her to take a memo, or to help me with something in the break room, she knows exactly what I really mean and she just gets right to work. Wink wink.

Aside from all the crystal-meth we have lying around here, she's the only reason I come to work.



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