Did you know?... The temperature of the earth's interior increases by 1 degree every 60 feet down.
Bobby Peru
Personal Info
Drug Dealer
Last seen in Baltimore, MD.
40 something?
Favorite Color
Anyting but flashing blue and red.
Favorite Food
Frijoles Negros
Favorite Song
Mas Tequila!
- "¿Do joo know who joor talking to, mang?"
Bio On Fugly
Bobby Peru hasn't really contributed anything to Fugly yet, but he alway stops by and tries to sell us weed. He's the greebliest, drunkest, stonedest Mexican we've ever seen. He always smells like tequila mixed with wet cigarettes, but man, he has the best chit this side of the boarder.

If you ever see him, make sure you say, "hola, ese'?" but make sure you say if from the other side of the street because Bobby always carries a straight razor in the heel of his boot and he aint afraid to use it either.


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