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Original Scary Maze Game - Game Flash

This is the original Portuguese version by Helder Luis. This is the one that was stolen and copied to make the blue version

File: Original_Scary_Maze_Game.swf

7 Level Scary Maze Game - Game Flash

7 level scary maze game.

File: 7_Level_Scary_Maze_Game.swf

The Gay Test - Game Flash

The gay test.

File: the_gay_test.swf

Office Water Balloon Fight - Game Flash

Office water balloon fight.

File: office-water-balloon-fight.swf

Tennis2000 - Game Flash


File: tennis2000.swf

Ma Jong Connect - Game Flash

Ma jong connect.

File: ma_jong_connect.swf

The Whites Of Theri Eyes - Game Flash

The whites of theri eyes.

File: the-whites-of-theri-eyes.swf

Whacky Wordsearch - Game Flash

Whacky wordsearch.

File: whacky_wordsearch.swf

Willys Wild Wild West - Game Flash

Willys wild wild west.

File: willys-wild-wild-west.swf

Four Wheel Chase - Game Flash

Four wheel chase.

File: four_wheel_chase.swf
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