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Trailer-Park Wars

THE TRUTH (according to Leo)
A few facts.. 1. My counter can be accessed at http://s2.thecounter.com/counter/1024436.vmain This shows my start date for the counter, last time modified, and what the counter was started at. This cannot be faked.

This is true.

2. He has the picture of ME on the site.. funny about that huh?

Check it out here Be quick as he will probably take it off to hide it.

Then look at my Bio here and the full image here

This is true. Tony forwarded three pictues to us that include the undoctored photo, and two more of himself, proving that it is really him.

PIC1 - PIC2 - PIC3

3. Most of the photos that are on the site have been sent in by specific people. These people are in contact with me and are ready to back me up.

So please.. go vote here or visit the full fugly site and story at http://www.fugly.com

As of July 14, 2000 8:45PM EST, we have received 123 email messages from 56 different people, in favor of Tony's site versus 51 message from 10 different people in favor of Leo's.

Lauralee "Bug",sent us these photos and claimed that she did not send them to Leo.

PIC1 - PIC2 - PIC3 - PIC4 - PIC5 - PIC6 - PIC7 - PIC8

Sean Dodge sent us this picture and claims he did not send it to Tony.


4. NEW!!
This is just in from Remy at V3.

Hi, For what its worth... (I am the V3 webmaster)

Tony had his page up in may, he was in our top ten within a day or to with
over 30.000 redirects a day.
The other one (the go.to) was created later...
Maybe this could settle the "war" ?
Redirects since Jun 03, 2000: 4785
member created on 6/3/00 10:41:00 AM
member data last modified on 6/4/00 10:52:00 AM

Redirects since May 17, 2000: 824877
member created on 5/17/00 1:00:00 AM
member data last modified on 5/17/00 1:14:00 AM

Remy Willems

This is true. We received the same email from Remy Williams at V3.com

also it looks like I'm not the only guy Leo the leech has preyed on http://www.geocities.com/mytrailerpark/mike.html <-- his page http://www.geocities.com/walters_mission/ <-- the real page, walter page who he ripped the idea off too.

Both pages are now down. Walter got laid. Leo changed mike.html to his Evidence page.

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