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The Trailer Park Wars



When Leo first contacted us, we wonder if he thought we would take this thing as far as we did. We can't imagine how anyone would think that, just by asking, and by offering to pay us to help him get rid of all those supposed "bogus" sites, that we would just do it, no questions asked. Did he think we would just beleive him? Come on. What does he take us for? A bunch of retards? Wait... don't answer that.

First of all. Just to get it out of the way. We think Tony's site is the original trailerpark page. In our humble opinion, Leo is a no-good, lying piece of shit. What's worse is, he's a fucking idiot on top of that. If you're going to rip someone off, and then ask other people to help you by playing the innocent victim, at least get rid of all the obvious bits of evidence that let everyone know that you're lying.

There are two things that make us certain about our conclusion. We would have had three or four things, but we couldn't get Lauralee "Bug" or Carrie Cox to call us back in time for this.

The first thing is, that Leo had a picture of Tony on his page. If you're going to steal someone's site, it may be a good idea to try and find out if there are photos of the actual creator on there. Here is a screen shot of Leo's page and some more of Tony.

We thought for a few minutes that Tony may have taken these pictures off someone else's site and just said they were of himself. That is, until we saw this. Go to zgeek and buy a tshirt.

Number two. This is the big one. The one thing that convinced us, over anything else, that Leo is a fraud is, the dumbass left Tony's email addresses in the HTML of his page. Whatever the reson; call it laziness, stupidity, whatever. He left the two email addresses:
trailerparkpage@hotmail.com and trailerparkpage@yahoo.com in the HTML of his 'brother daniel' page. How can anyone be that stupid? Well it gets worse.

We called him on the phone and asked if he could explain it. You won't beleive the lame excuse he tried to use. He said that it was intentional. He tried to tell us that when he put the page together, he put those email addresses in there so that, if anyone tried to steal the page, the stolen site would send mail to the wrong address. What kind of shit is that? He said that we were reading it wrong, and that it was actually written:
traiIerparkpage@hotmail.com and traiIerparkpage@yahoo.com. (In case the difference isn't obvious to you, in certain fonts, a capitol ' i ' looks a lot like a lowercase "L")

Wow. What a clever trick. Did he just think that whoever might steal his page wouldn't bother to change the email adresses? Could he have somehow known that Tony, of all people, would be the one to steal his page? Did he think that after Tony copied his page, that he'd look at the code and say; "Hey, look. I don't have to change these email links because they're already pointing to my very own email address!"? The only person that this little trick could have possibly worked on would be the person who owned the adress "
trailerparkpage@yahoo.com" and "trailerparkpage@hotmail.com". Both of these addresses belong to Tony. He even sent us his username and password so we could log in ourselves to prove it.

Either way, this was a lie. We took a look at all of his HTML the first day he wrote to us and, at that point, it hadn't been changed. Here are some screen shots of the code before and after he changed it.

What a dope, right? Well it still gets worse. When we called, we took alook at the HTML again while we had him on the phone. Sure enough, he had changed the links to read "
traiIerparkpage". We told him that it was a nice effort, but he still missed one. He actually still had one of the links spelled "trailerparkpage". After we pointed it out, he got kind of nervous and started muttering something about Mark and "damn type-o's" and had to get off the phone. We haven't heard from him since.

Just for kicks, we sent mail to both
traiIerparkpage@yahoo.com and traiIerparkpage@hotmail.com. with a message that asked simply; "Who gets this? Tony or Leo?" along with our reply-to address. We never received a reply from the Yahoo account, and the one to hotmail was returned with the message:

Recipient: traiIerparkpage@hotmail.com
Reason: Requested action not taken:user account inactive

It's hard to imagine that there are people like this out there. We think that people in trailerparks, for the most part, are perfectly harmless. People like Leo, on the other hand, are the ones that you have to watch out for. He's the kind of guy that will never stop lying until he's caught red-handed. Even then, it's doubtful that he would ever admit he is wrong.

So what now? Honestly, we're pretty tired of the whole thing. We think we drug it out as long as we could, and now it's just becoming a big pain in the ass. We're leaving the private detective business to someone else. We really need to get back to posting more smut. We've still got a lot more email that was sent in favor of Tony to post. We'll be putting it in Part-3, along with all of the "Aftermath" links we receive in Part-6. We're also going to take all the links to Leo's site off of here so that people quit going to his dumb site. At least from Fugly.com, anyway. We think he's had enough traffic at our expense, but hey. All in all, we're really just glad that we got the chance to stick our big snout in the middle of all of this.

Send any Leo-tribute-site link that you make to trailerparkwars [at] thisdomain dot com and we'll add it to the Aftermath section. Who knows, maybe we'll give away prizes for the best one!

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