Did you know?... Female canaries cannot sing.
From: Humble Seed [humbleseed@excite.com.au]
To: 'trailerparkwars@fugly.com'
Sent: Mon 07/10/2000 11:58 PM
Subject: tony is obviously the real deal>> KILL Leo


I think that Leo gave himself away the minute he tried to prove that it was his site. If it was his, how did he find out about Tony's supposedly copied version? Does Leo trawl the search engines looking for other people's sites that rip off his own?? The only keyword Tony's meta tags is "dumbass pig", and I don't think it's likely Leo would have entered that exact phrase into a search engine for any reason. No, the only reason Leo knew about Tony's site is because it's the site he [Leo] spent some time meticulously reconstructing in order to claim credit for, the dirty son of a dogpile that he is. Tony's evidence is far more detailed and convincing, Leo's is limited to an assertion that you can edit counters. Leo sucks ass and I hope someone does set him on fire.
Fuck Leo!
Hail Tony!


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