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From: Damien.Nguyen@internal.ozemail.com.au
To: 'info@fugly.com'
Sent: Sun 07/09/2000 08:58 PM
Subject: tralier park page


Hey there,

I was with Tony when he created the page and he now works within our Company (OzEmail/MCI/UUNet) as a Web Developer so I can't see why a web developer will rip off someones work? And if he did take work from someone, as a Web Developer rule, there should be a link off the page or mention somewhere on the page where the coding was from right??

Anyway, bottom line. If Xoom are willing to help, see if you can get details on when Tony registered his Trailerpark page on that side and when the other guy did. Also, find out the date when the forwarding URLs were created to see who got there first. I think that would narrow the search down more!


Damien Nguyen
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