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From: hippykiller@woodstock.com
To: info@fugly.com
Sent: Sun 07/09/2000 07:43 PM
Subject: trailerpark page


Hej, my name is Chris (aka Skatan), i write for zgeek. I hear that there is someone out there saying that they are the creator of the trailerparkpage that is not Tony (aka pirate).

I am writing this email to set the record straight. It is DEFINATELY Tonys page. i saw it months ago. I fail to see how this other guy can claim to have made it, i remember in-jokes on the page to do with mutual friends of tony and I (not to mention boskits refrences [more in joke shit])...how could this impostor make these reffrences?????

So dont let this lying impostor have any credit. What kind of sad fruitless life must they have to feel the need to gain kudos from lies...Bastards.


PS love your work, keep it up.

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