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From: Tony Brisciani [Tony.Brisciani@internal.ozemail.com.au]
To: 'mail@fugly.com'
Sent: Tue 07/04/2000 02:35 AM
Subject: Re: Fugly.com


Hey I mad a boo boo on radio about the net and .com I was nervous and I feel like a dumb ass. I can tell you honestly and truthfully I made the site from scratch (apart from stealing your pictures). I have had lots of people rip the site off, and it pisses me off how some fuckwits claim its all their idea. Once such person was from http://benisfat.homestead.com. Is is possible fo you to forward one of these emails to me?.. or pass mine onto this fellow.

The history of the site is this, I used to work in a call center, and as part of my duties was to clear old web sites of customers who had left us, and I saw some shocking sites.. so as joke I made one up for my team mates. One of them must have emailed it to their friend etc etc and I got out. The Lurlene site was not created by me but by my work mate Kristy.. once I realized how big the site got I used it to get publicity for my other web site zgeek.com . Since its been up, It has been on radio in the UK, USA & Australia.. also its been mentioned on David letterman (i wish I saw it) and a fellow called Chris Skata (i think that how its spelt) who works for a company that produces Mr Bean has contacted me and asked me to write stuff for him (I am trying hard to do this :P) I do have witness in making this site also :P as it was done in work time hehehehe :)

I hope that all makes sense..


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