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From:Leo Daniels SegaRules.com [leorules@wilmington.net]
To: trailerparkwars@fugly.com
Sent: Wed 07/12/2000 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: Trailer Park



I just thought I'd ask you to check out my chat network site www.freedomchat.net I think it pretty much sums things up. I appreciate you putting up the links and the trailer park story, I know it has definately helped your site. I think the poll is quite pointless, not just because I'm losing LOL, but it seems his site zgeek.com turned into an all out herass Leo site. He's having people email bomb, he was having people bomb my guestbook til I redirected my "sign it" to HIS website forum LOL. Anyways, He has changed the dates on when his site was supposedly created SEVERAL times!!!!!! I have stated and have NEVER changed my story that MY trailer park site was done around the end of March! Even his own counter(which can not be altered) LOL now that is the funniest thing I have EVER heard, states that it was started the end of April! A FULL month AFTER mine! I have a story and reason behind mine, he just sat down 1 day for 5 minutes and made his. Go figgure. The site was done as a joke, period! I didn't do it to make any money, anyone that knows me knows that I could care less about money, I'm financially stable and love to help others, Tony on the other hand does nothing but cut people down, blast others and just totally dis people, look at www.zgeek.com I mean come on "tool of the week" ??? Look at www.leorules.com, my personal site is just that a personal site. I don't blast anyone and lord knows I have plenty of reason to. Like Mark has pointed out his nick pretty much says it all "Pirate"

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