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From: Jessie Washington [jessiedwashington@yahoo.com]
To: trailerparkwars@fugly.com
Sent: Wed 07/12/2000 02:15 AM
Subject: Those Trailers!


I can't believe that guy Tony is ripping off my man Leos trailer park site! As soon as Leo finished that thing back in like around april he told me to go see it at www.carriecox.com and I was like ok and when I did I laughed forever. I thought it was so hilarious and just the other day he told me some guy had ripped it off and claiming it as his own! Please!!!! Have you not seen Leo's other sites? They are really good. Trust me he doesnt have to rip off other peoples things he has and can make his own. I hope you understand the importance of this because Leo has made something really succesfull obviously and doesn't deserve to have it taken from him. Well I just wanted to put my two cents in. Laters!


Jessie D. Washington

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