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From: Michael Ford [michaelford@isapimp.net]
To: info@fugly.com
Sent: Sun 07/09/2000 06:43 PM
Subject: Total Freedom Is Not Estranged ~ Leo's Site Is Original


I'm not sure what exactly what was said but they were pretending to be someone there not. His site is original though. My site is at http://www.grimazescripts.cjb.net You can check out the link to his there, I even made a little banner for it. If ya have any other questions feel free to email me. Thanks. -Michael Ford michaelford@isapimp.net
http://www.grimazescripts.cjb.net ---

> "Fugly.com" wrote:
>They actually used the address freedomtotal@hotmail.com, not
>totalfreedom@hotmail.com. They didn't mention anyone named 'Estranged'
>either? Did Leo tell you to write to us? What is the name of your site?
>We'd like to check out the link you have to Leo's.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Michael Ford [mailto:michaelford@isapimp.net]
>Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2000 03:12 PM
>To: mail@fugly.com
>Subject: Total Freedom Is Not Estranged ~ Leo's Site Is Original
>Dear fugly.com, The person who emailed you from
>totalfreedom@hotmail.com is not Estranged. The person goes by the name of
>Shelby and from unknown reasons has something against me "the real was
>Estranged" and Leo. But Leo's trailer park site is very original and is
>linked on my site. If anybody is a fraud or unoriginal it is the person who
>sent you the email "Shelby" who has decided to pretend to be someone there
>not. If you have any other questions regarding this matter feel free to
>email me back. Thanks. -Michael Ford
>-Michael Ford

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