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From: Leo Daniels [webmaster@leorules.com]
To: info@fugly.com
Sent: Sun 07/09/2000 02:23 PM
Subject: Re: info on the real trailerpark page


I forgot to mention that MY site has the real pic of gregg's mom, not the doctored up one that makes absolutely NO sense since you can't even see the guy in the picture. The caption says: Oh yeah, This si my mom, she was feedin a thirsty man cus, she had her 15th kid, we sold the kid.she only keeps the ones with all 13 fingers.
well, where the hell is the thirsty man on the bogus site??? He's not there! Also i think his radio interview sums it all up, 1st he says he did the site in about 5 minutes, I bet he did, it's called "CUT AND PASTE" so he told the truth. 2nd he's from Austrailia, do they even have trailer parks in Austrailia? 3rd he says that he got the original pics from www.fugly.NET never mention your site and all his other links he says that he got the pictures from people sending them to him via email, what a crock! I give www.fugly.com FULL credit! Most pics have come from your site only a few from uglypeople.com and a few just randomly found while net surfing LOL well i've took up enough of your time already, i'm just still fuming over this whole thing! 1 more note MY site is copyrighted! On his site he can't even spell copyright and doesn't even proof read his "Copy Right"(LOL) site, he has his own link spelled wrong!

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