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The Trailer Park Wars
Part 1
This is the story of two men. One of them, a genius and a visionary.
The other, a shameless con-man. A soul sucking rip off artist.
Which is which?
YOU be the judge!


These two men's home-pages may look identical, but they are not. They were both "created" by two different people. The point is, one of these guys shamelessly ripped off the other guy's page and is claiming it is his own. We've received email from one asking us to help him stop the other from doing this, but since we trust no-one, we don't beleive him. We think that he may actually be the one who stole it. I mean, how are we supposed to pick sides. That's what you all are here for! We're leaving it up to you, our ruthless, superslueth viewers. Send any info you gather to trailerparkwars@fugly.com

We'll post it here in the continuing search for truth in the Trailer Park Wars.

Let's get it on!

Official Results:

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